The sun and moon rise and set, and seasons change. It has been more than five years since CGSTL was founded in 2014. Look back in the past, along the way there are both wind and rain also have harvests, have vicissitudes of life and also triumphant song.

Gorgeous start-up, Set sail to voyage. In 2015, all staffs in the company worked day and night and joined hands to tackle key problems, finally, they successfully complete the "Jinlin-1" satellites mission. We initiate the new era of Chinese commercial remote sensing satellite by virtue of eight No.1 impressive achievements: "China's first self-developed and commercial high-resolution remote sensing satellite, China's first satellite with integration of satellite-borne, China's first meter-scale high-definition dynamic video satellite, China's first satellite launched in the name of a province, for the first time that four satellites launched by a unit once, China's first application of domestic CMOS in orbit, China's first successful imaging in smart way, and the first China's commercial company with full-industry chain from the satellite design to the remote sensing application service".

After several years of hard work, we finally reaped the fruits. Over the past five years, we have closely focused on the planning and deployment of the "Jilin-1" constellation. We have carefully laid out plans to break through production capacity, worked hard to develop the market and achieve transformation and upgrading of CGSTL. Through continuous practice and exploration, the development technology of " Jilin-1" satellite has been continuously innovated and made three leaps forward. Under the condition of keeping the satellite index unchanged, the cost and weight of satellites have been greatly reduced. Among them, a number of technical indicators and functional modes of GF, KF and GP satellites are in the world's leading level, and magnetorquers, magnetometers, digital solar sensors, high-speed storage systems and other single machines have been successfully developed and mass produced. Now, CGSTL has successfully sent 16 "Jilin -1" satellites into space through nine launches, making it the largest commercial remote sensing satellite constellation in China. In the aspect of satellite data acquisition, it has the characteristics of high image quality, strong coverage ability and fast response speed. By coordinating the needs of users, it has provided high-quality remote sensing information services for all sectors of society, and strongly promoted the development of China's aerospace information industry.

Be grateful and focus on practice. Behind the honors and achievements are the concern and support of leaders at all levels, the close cooperation of cooperative units, the care and trust of friends from all walks of life, especially the hard work and efforts of all employees. Here, on behalf of all the staff of CGSTL, I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the leaders, friends and the staff's family members who have been caring and supporting CGSTL for a long time.

Looking forward, and struggling to run. we will continue to adhere to the CGSTL spirit of "unity, innovation, hard-work, and pragmatic", take "use space-aeronautics incorporation of remote sensing information products to serve 7 billion people in the world" as our mission, regard "rapidly construct of ‘Jilin-1’ satellite constellation, constantly introduce innovative products of remote sensing information, continuously complete corporate culture construction and the management level, andcontinue to educate the public about space science " as the goal; Fighting for promoting the industrial transformation and upgrading of Jilin Province and driving the revitalization of northeastern rust belt! Fighting for composing the glory future of China's commercial remote sensing satellite!


                                                                                                                                     Chairman/General Manager: