Talent Team


       Xuanming, doctoral tutor, member of the Communist Party of China. Has won the national scientific and technological progress second prize, the whole army scientific and technological progress award, the Chinese Academy of Sciences scientific and technological progress award and other awards; in 2000 by Jilin Province has made outstanding contributions to the title of young professional and technical personnel in 2003 by Jilin Province May 1 labor Medal, the same year by the Jilin Province model worker title; 2016, led by the team selected the first batch of major scientific and technological projects in Jilin Province R & D talent team list.

Jia Hongguang

       Jia Hongguang, doctor of engineering, and doctoral supervisor; as the first head, he completed national defense innovation major directional project in the third phase of innovation engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences, natural fund project, general assembly pre-research project, equipment plan development project of Chinese Academy of Sciences, youth fund projects in Jilin Province, and other several research issues, with the total budget of more than 90 million yuan. Won a science and technology progress award of Jilin Province (No. 9), has published more than 100 academic papers, of which 93 academic papers were recorded by EI and SCI, 18 academic papers were authorized patents; furthermore, he trained 13 doctoral candidates and 16 Master Degree Candidates.

Zhong Xing

       Zhong Xing, doctor of engineering, doctoral supervisor, the member of Chinese Association of Young Scientists and Technologists, Chinese Society of Space Research, Optical Society of America (OSA), and International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE), mainly engages in the study of satellite system and optical remote sensing. He presided over and participated in more than 10 terms of 863, natural fund, general assembly pre-study and other development efforts of the aerospace project; published more than 60 academic papers in the mainstream learned periodical at home and abroad (SCI records 9 articles), and 9 academic papers was authorized patents. Won the special prize of dean in Chinese Academy of Sciences, Certificate High Distinction of the ninth Changbai Youth Science and technology Award, the first excellent young pioneer of the Changchun Association Branch, Lujiaxi young talent award of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the young post expert in provincial institutes, and excellent member of Youth Promotion Association, etc. He is in the first batch selected by the Youth Innovation Promotion Association, and takes the post of the first President of Changchun Association Branch. In 2016, the team led by him was selected in the list of the first batch of r&d talents for major science and technology projects in Jilin Province.