Talent Team

Li Ming

        Li Ming, doctor of engineering, and master tutor, hold the post of General Manager Assistant in the enterprise at present, successively participated in the innovation project and Precision Terminal Guidance project, and advanced UAV project of Chinese Academy of Sciences, published more than 20 papers, completed 45kg of fixed-wing UAV development and industrialization implementation, realized wide-area, large-scale and high-precision aerial remote sensing mapping applications which can be widely used in forestry, agriculture, water conservancy, highway, oil pipeline patrol and other industries.

Dai Lu

       Dai Lu, doctor of engineering, master tutor, mainly engages in the design of satellite attitude control system and the design of ground full-physical simulation system; published more than 10 articles and got one patent. Hosted and participated in many items of national "863", "general assembly exploration major projects", and "assembly pre-research fund", etc.; researched many sets of full-physical simulation system controlled by satellite attitude, of which dumbbell-shaped three-axis air flotation simulation system realizes the unlimited rotation with two degrees of freedom, and its indicator is in the leading position in China and at international advanced level, also, has successfully applied to full-physical simulation of Jinlin-1 A Satellite Project. As the technical director of the project, he is responsible for project development of smart imaging, and puts forward combined phase shift compensation strategy of integrating satellite's coarse adjustment and camera's delicate adjustment, laying theoretical foundation for TDICCD camera realizes non-along-track imaging. As the technical head of two Smart Video Satellites in Jilin-1 A Satellite Project, he presided over the first sub-meter resolution video satellite development in the world which provides the unprecedented color and very clear (4k) resolution video image for the market of commercial remote sensing image.