Talent Team

An Yuan

       An Yuan, doctor of engineering, master's tutor, and the member of Chinese Association of Young Scientists and Technologists, currently holds the position of General Manager Assistant in the company. As the project leader, he completed 1 item of national military 863 Project and 1 item of the innovation fund project of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Participating in the 4 national 863 projects, 1 national natural fund project, is undertaking 1 key research and development project of Ministry of Science and Technology.

Wang Dong

       Wang Dong, doctor of engineering, master tutor, as one of the principals, participates and finishes the 863 key projects "XX-2 high-resolution load", "XX three-dimensional imaging optical camera key technology research", "rapid response satellite key technology research", etc. In the Jilin-1 satellite project, he is the Deputy Chief Engineer of Jilin-1 Optical A Satellite, and the Deputy Chief Engineer of Smart Video Satellite.

Zhang Lei

       Zhang Lei, doctor of engineering, doctoral supervisor, and the member of Chinese Association of Young Scientists and Technologists, participates in the development of " XX-2 high-resolution load" of 863 key projects, the research of XXXXX multi-channel multi-mode optical load technology, and "XX large-scale three-dimensional surveying and mapping load" of pre-research project. As one of the main principals, he participates in the integration of military and civilian major project Jilin-1 Optical A Satellite engineering project, holding the post of Deputy Chief Engineer. Won 1 military science and technology progress award (ranked the 15th), selected as outstanding Party members and outstanding Party workers for many times, published more than 30 papers, and applied for 21 patents.