Talent Team

In 2005, the company's core technical team combined with many-year r&d experiences of space remote sensing load and put forward the "integration of satellite-borne" design concept; "integration of satellite-borne" technology that takes load as core has strong function, small volume, light weight, and low cost of development and launching, conforms to the development trend of satellite technology, and solves the tackle problems in key technologies based on this. Over more than a decade, the company adheres to technical route of "integration of satellite-borne", reasonably plans the satellite development cost and performance indicators, strictly specifies project design, components selection, whole-spacecraft test and the quality control of other links, constantly optimizes the technical process of the satellite, and accumulates precious experience in satellite development.

With the rapid development of the company, the staffs in the company increased to nearly 400 people in 2017 from 86 people at the end of 2015. Among them, the number of staff who have master degree and above accounts for 78%, and the quantity and quality of talent steadily improve. At present, the company has five staffs with senior professional title, 15 staffs with deputy senior title, 6 doctoral supervisors, and 7 master tutors; every year, it cultivates nearly 30graduate students, and sets up a specialized technical team with high technology and complete specialty, which can adapt to the company's development speed. In order to stabilize the talent and motivate employees, the company carried out and completed the work that key employees hold stocks. The company actively exerts the excellent talents' leading role; its two teams were in the first batch of science and technology major special project talent team in Jilin Province; its one team was included in the "Changbai Huigu" talent incentive plan and took 3 major r&d special projects in Ministry of Science and Technology and 7 projects in Jinlin Province Department of Science and Technology.