China new Commercial Satellite Jilin-1KF01 with large width.

2020-03-27 | APPLIED NEWS    Browsing Times : 2835

       China new Commercial Satellite Jilin-1KF01 with large width.

A New Jilin-1KF01 Constellation Member 

       Jilin-1KF01 Satellite was launched on January 15, 2020. It is the global max width sub-meter satellite independently developed by the CGSTL (Chang Guang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd.). With a resolution of 0.75m, the satellite's width reaches 136km, which can greatly shorten the period for users to obtain high-resolution images in large areas and provide data source safeguard for applications such as simultaneous accurate analysis. Through networking with 15 previously launched "Jilin-1" satellites, the large area high-resolution image updating ability of "Jilin-1" constellation has been greatly improved.

In-orbit Test 

       After the first-stage of In-orbit Test for one month, the initial commissioning test, including focal plane positions, imaging parameters, and automatic preprocessing, has been completed. Currently, the second-stage of precise calibration is conducted smoothly. The key application parameters such as data radiation quality and positioning accuracy in the scene are being in strict tested. It is estimated that the whole In-orbit Test can be done around the mid-April. 
       The good news is that although the whole In-orbit Test has not been completed, after the completion of the satellite commissioning in the first stage, the Width Satellite has quickly started to collect the data of key areas at home and abroad. The data will be produced the database again on the basis of the commissioning parameters of the latest production system after finishing the In-orbit Test, and used as the filed data of the first quarter to serve the customers. 
       The following shows the high-resolution sample images of Jilin-1KF01 Satellite. The whole picture is cutting from the strip of primary scanning image with  136km×136km cover area. And, nine pictures are selected to go as follow. 










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