CGSTL Participated in the Ceremony of "Jilin Convergence Talent" Large-scale Cloud Recruitment Activities

2021-02-08 | COMPANY NEWS    Browsing Times : 1446

On February 7, 2021, organised by Jilin provincial government "Jilin Convergence Talent " large series of cloud hiring activities ceremony was held in Changchun south lake hotel, representatives from key universities in the province, key outstanding enterprises, outstanding representatives of innovative entrepreneurial talent, special high-level personnel, and on behalf of high-skilled talents, a total of more than 60 people in the main venue to attend the meeting. Jia Hongguang, Party secretary and deputy general manager of the company, was invited to attend the event and made a speech as the representative of outstanding talents.

Since CGSTL establishment, the company has successfully introduced more than 400 graduates with master's degree or above from 985 universities and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Now it has developed into an important pilot unit for talents in the national new district of Chang Chun, and has played an important role in attracting, retaining and cultivating talents in Jilin Province.