Company's annual meeting in the name of "Lucky and Perfect" was held

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On February 07, 2018, the annual meeting titled "Lucky and Perfect" was held in the lecture hall of K District, Jixing building. The leaders of the company gathered together with all the staff for the festival.Before the official start of the annual meeting, the company leaders and employees sign and receive the annual lucky draw tickets at the entrance to the venue.  

The introductory feature shows the company's 2017 event, which touched every employee at present. Various department staff also brought a variety of dizzying performances. Dance, sketch, songs, poetry recitation, stage shows and other programs are brilliant. 

In the program gap, the lucky draw link is triggered a climax of the annual meeting.

After the performance, all staff members moved to the north hall of Ji Xing Building to attend the dinner. At the dinner, General Manager Xuan made an important speech. General Manager Xuan said: "Today's party is very exciting and everyone is very hard.     

In 2017, the company had a series of happy events, realized 10 satellites in orbit operation, and successfully moved to JiXing building. In 2018, I hope you make persistent efforts to achieve better results. " 

Looking back on 2017, we have solid footsteps, brilliant achievements and fruitful results. 2017 is a year of hard work and a fruitful year. In the face of the upcoming 2018, we are full of longing and passion. We will always adhere to the original mind of "unity, innovation, hard work, pragmatic" unchangedly, forge ahead and go forward.