CG-LAPS10 Three-Line Array Aerial Camera

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Product brief introduction
The UAV surveying has the characteristics of economy, flexibility, quick response and relatively low demand for the site and personnel, and is used in more and more occasions. In order to meet the demand of UAV surveying and mapping market, the performance index of CG-LAPS10 light-small three-line array aerial camera should be in the level of professional measuring camera and realize engineering application of the light-small UAV surveying and mapping system through light-small camera integration design. And the aerial surveying camera can provide a wide range of spectral bands, such as full-color, RGB, near-infrared and red edges, to meet the needs of various remote sensing fields, such as forestry, agriculture, surveying, mapping, resources, environment, and land.

CG-LAPS10 light-small three-line array multispectral aerial camera is ortho-photo map with proportional scale 1:500, 1:1000, and 1:2000, and it is mainly designed for the field of surveying and mapping, agriculture, forestry, territorial resources, combining the geology, transportation, statistics, and other fields required by users. The data product has many advantages, such as wide in width and multi-spectrum. As an effective complement of Jilin-1 satellite remote sensing form, it combines integrative aerospace's remote sensing information platform with satellite remote sensing system to provide users with multispectral image data products with high spatial resolution and high temporal resolution.

Main functional characteristics
Multi-spectral imaging: red, green, blue, full color, near-infrared, and red edge;

Three-visual angles (fore view, intermediate view, and rearview) imaging;

Gesture compensation of automatic aerial photography;

Self-synchronizing flight speed;

Original aero-photography data storage;

Exposure synchronization for elements of exterior orientation;

Sample push-broom imaging;

Formulate large-scale digital orthoimage;

Formulate large-scale digital elevation model;

Light weight, can be used for long-term UAV mapping.

Main performance index
Imaging mode: three-line array push-broom imaging;

Drawing scale: 1:500,1:1000and1:2000;

The quality of aerial surveying camera: ≤10kg;

Spectral deploying: full color, R,G,B, near-infrared and red edge;

The height of aerial photography: 400~1500m;

Ground pixel resolution: 0.05~0.2m;

The width of ground coverage: 0.6~2.4km;

Comprehensive decomposition rate: be superior to 90lp/mm;

ontinuous working hours: ≥4h;

Operating temperature: -20℃~+55℃;

Storage temperature: -40℃~+70℃;

Overload capacity: ≥10g (course);

Light condition: 10klux~80klux.

Application area

Basic surveying and mapping

Census of geography and national conditions

Survey of forest and agriculture

Territorial resources monitoring

Emergency surveying and mapping task, etc.


CG-LAPS10 Three-Line Array Aerial Surveying Camera