【“Jilin-1”Views the World】Flowers Never Wither Throughout the Year in Kunming

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Kunming is famous since ancient times because it is like spring all the year round. Then, please enjoy the charm of Kunming together with “Jilin-1”.

Expo Garden

Expo Garden is located in the Golden Hall tourist attraction in the northeast suburbs of Kunming. It is about 4 kilometers away from Kunming. The garden is nestled among hills and streams, and it is the biggest and most creative garden in the worldwide.


Wuhua District

Wuhua District is famous for Wuhua Mountain. Located in the northwest of the core area of the main city, it is one of the five districts in Kunming. Wuhua District is higher in the northwest but lower in the southeast, and the landforms are complex and diversified.  


Yunnan Wildlife Park

Located in the Golden Hall National Forest Park, Yunnan Wildlife Park is the first comprehensive tourist attraction which integrates cultivation, exhibition and sightseeing of wild animals. And it is also the biggest research base for wild animals.


Chenggong University City

Located in Luoyang Town in Chenggong District, Chenggong University City takes “three mountains and one water” as the core, combines natural ecology with landscape and pays attention to design of space system and connection with surrounding landscape. It is an impressive place full of vitality.


Kunming South Railway Station

Kunming South Railway Station is located in Gongcheng New District. And the whole design combines distinctive characteristics of regional culture of Kunming and implies forward-looking and enthusiasm of Kunming with “peacock spreading its tail and flowers being in bloom”. 


Dian Lake

Dian Lake is also known as Diannanze and Kunming Lake. Located in the southwest of Kunming, it is the biggest freshwater lake in Kunming, and it is titled as “Peal of Highland”.

In the north of Dian Lake, there is a lake embankment crossing the west and east. It connects with Panlong River Delta in the east and Dian Lake in the west. And it divides the lake into the inside and outside parts with the reputation of “a line dividing equally”.


Kunming Dian Lake International Convention Center

Kunming Dian Lake International Convention Center is a large scale comprehensive building facility which integrates conference exhibition, cultural experience and leisure and entertainment.

The appearance of the exhibition center is like “peacock feather”. Taking “peacock spreading its tail to make Kunming auspicious” as the design philosophy, it combines national features and geographical advantages to have epochal characters and peculiarities.


Dianzhong New Area

Located in the east and west side of the main city of Kunming, Dianzhong New Area is the core area of Dianzhong industrial area.

Dianzhong New Area is located in the south of the vertical axis of Baotou-Kunming channel in the national “3 latitudinal lines and 2 longitudinal lines” urbanized strategic pattern. It is an important base for cigarette and tobacco, tourism, culture, energy and logistics and commerce and trade, as well as the regional resource intensive processing base which centers on chemical engineering, metallurgy and biology.


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