【“Jilin-1” Views the World】A Junction of Land and Water Transport

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At present, the important trend of international development is globalization, which means the flow and sharing of resources around the world.
Container terminal is the hub station of combined transport by land and water. It is the buffer place for container cargo to change the mode of transport and also the junction point for cargo. Therefore, container terminal plays an important role in the whole process of container transportation.

Today "Jilin-1" will show you around several busy container terminals.


The spectacular container terminal is located on the northeastern coast of the united Arab emirates, near the port of dubai on the southern side of the Persian gulf. Dubai port is the largest port in the united Arab emirates and one of the largest container ports.
The port of dubai has the largest annual container throughput in the Middle East, largely because of its unique geographical location and its vast Arab market. Some international container transport experts point out that the port of dubai imports everything but oil.

Colombo,Sri Lanka

The container terminal in the picture is located in the port of Colombo, Sri Lanka. The port of Colombo is one of the largest man-made ports in the world and one of the important midway ports of the world navigation line in Eurasia, Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean.
The loading and unloading equipment of Colombo port includes all kinds of shore cranes, car cranes, door container cranes, forklifts and pipelines with diameters of 254-609.6mm, among which the maximum lifting capacity of container cranes is 35 tons. The growing container capacity of Colombo port further demonstrates its status as a south Asian transit cargo hub.

Teminar island, the United States

Teminar island is an artificial island with an area of 11.56 square kilometers and is located in Los Angeles county, California. The western half of the island is part of the SAN pedro area of Los Angeles, and the rest is part of long beach.
The port of Los Angeles and long beach are major landowners on the island, much of which is leased to container terminals and bulk terminals.

Nansha port,China

Nansha seaport is located in longkou island on the west bank of guangzhou nansha district and located in the geographical geometric center of the pearl river delta. It is the only way for the guangfo economic circle and the west wing city of the pearl river delta to lead to the sea, and also the hub connecting the cities on both sides of the pearl river delta.
Nansha harbor wharf covers an area of 223 hectares, with 6 berths of 150,000 tons, 2,100 meters long coastline, 15.5 meters deep water at the front, 250 meters wide channel, 35 nautical miles long channel and 600 meters wide harbor basin, which can meet the largest container ship berthing operation in the world.


The port of st. Petersburg, located in the Neva bay at the eastern end of the gulf of Finland, is the largest commercial port in western Russia, near the east and north of the Baltic sea. The water area is 58 square kilometers and it is called "Venice in the north".
St. Petersburg port has the first container terminal operated by the Russian state container company. It is the largest container terminal in st. Petersburg port with an annual capacity of 800,000 standard containers.

Since its rise in the United States in April 1956, maritime container transportation has experienced more than 60 years of development. Today "Jilin-1" takes us to appreciate the elegant demeanor of several world important container terminals, let us look forward to the wonderful next issue together!