China has successfully launched two Beidou III global networking satellites with the "Double Avenues"

2018-02-12 | INDUSTRY NEWS    Browsing Times : 3255

From Xinhua News Agency of Xichang on February 12, China successfully launched the fifth and sixth Beidou 3 global networking satellites at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center with the launch vehicle No. 3 of the Long March III (and YuanZheng No.1 above the expedition). This is the third launch of the Beidou III global network of satellites and the "season finale" of China Aerospace in the Lunar New Year.

After more than three hours of flight, the satellite enters the scheduled orbit. According to reports, follow-up will be integrated test, test evaluation, and network operation and launch of the previous Beidou No.3 satellite.

These two satellites belong to the mid-Earth orbit satellite. It is said that the Compass satellite navigation constellation consists of circular orbit satellites, orbiting satellites and geostationary orbit satellites. These tracks belong to the high orbit.

At present, the Long March III A rocket is the rocket that has launched the highest number of medium-high orbit satellites and the highest success rate. Space Technology Group, a chief of the Long March III A rocket commander Cen Zheng said that this year for 8 times in 14 missions, the Senate series of rockets will be based on "double star" way to launch Beidou No.3 satellites.

In 2010, a new generation of dedicated navigation satellite platform that is suitable for direct launches of "One Darth Fringe" will be successfully developed. Wang Ping, chief designer of Beidou satellite, said the platform has the advantages of high light weight, easy installation and disassembly, and good structural universality. According to different configurations, it is free combination, especially suitable for multi-satellite launch characteristics.

The launch of the mission is approaching the Spring Festival, but thousands of participants in the project are focused on their tasks. In the face of three months of continuous implementation of seven space launch of ultra-high density, it launches site system with accurate organization and optimize the testing process, with strict quality control. Launching vehicle and satellite system actively solve the challenge of multi-type tasks caused by cross-parallel challenges. It scientifically allocates personnel, rationally coordinates resources and carries out various tasks with strict and careful work style. Distributed in the desert Gobi, snowy mountains, the island border, ocean space control stations, Yuanwang survey ship and relay satellite "Lu Haitian" three-dimensional relay monitoring and control, achieved a successful launch mission, by virtue of the great unity and great cooperation.