FY-4 Satellite Officially Delivers the Transformation from "Run Together in Race" to "Take the Lead in Race"

2017-09-30 | INDUSTRY NEWS    Browsing Times : 3554

On Sep. 25th, 2017, China's new generation of geostationary orbit meteorological satellite FY-4 was officially delivered to users. Its delivery marked the geostationary orbit meteorological satellite observation system in our country implements the upgrades; realize the span of geostationary orbit meteorological satellite in China from "run together in race" to "take the lead in race", and has great significance for ensuring the continuous, reliable and stable operation of static meteorological observation business and improving the international status and influence of China's space industry and meteorological undertakings.


Deputy Director General of State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence and China National Space Administration Wu Yanhua, Deputy Director General of China Meteorological Administration Yu Xinwen, Deputy General Manager of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Yuan Jie, vice general manager of Yuan Jie, the Chief Engineer in the 8th Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Li Qing, Deputy Director General of Central Military Commission Joint Staff Battlefield Environment Security Bureau Zhang Jianchuan, etc. attended the ceremony.

"FY-4" A Satellite is the first satellite that Chinese geo-stationary orbit meteorological satellite spans to the second generation from the first generation (FY-2). It successfully launched on Dec. 11th, 2016. Compared with FY-2, the full-disk image observation time of FY-4 shortens to 15 minutes from a half of an hour, and it can generate one regional observation image in one minute at the soonest, the highest spatial resolution increased to500 metersfrom1.25 Km. In particular, the FY-4 satellite fills three international gaps and realizes the world's first geostationary orbit interferometric hyperspectral atmosphere detection; it is the first time to load radiometer, detector and lightning instrument in one platform in the world, with 24-hour work; for the first time, geostationary orbit microwave detection technology is detected and 425GHz frequency band is detected in the world.


During on-orbit test period nearly 7 months, FY-4 Satellite made specific application monitor for typhoon, sand storm, heavy rain, severe convection, cyanobacterial bloom, haze, and other ecological environment problems, and provided powerful support for serious sand storm of the northern region in May of this year, the extraordinary rainstorm of the North China in June, the continuous precipitation of the south from the end of June to early July, andearly warning of "Merbok" and "Nanmadol" typhoon, etc. In addition, FY-4 Satellite also played a very important role onmeteorological safeguard and service of "the Belt and Road" international cooperation summit forum, the 13th national games, the 9th meeting of BRICS state leaders, the 70th anniversary celebration activities of the Nei Monggol Autonomous Region and other major activities, significantly improving service effect of remote sensing application.

Then, at the review meeting of the on-orbit testin July 18th of this year, review committee indicated that each function and performance index of "FY-4" A Satellite conforms to the general requirements of manufacture. The first phase of on-orbit test is crowned with complete success and the satellite meets the condition of on-orbit delivery.


At the ceremony, China Meteorological Administration, China Satellite Launch Measurement and Control System Department, and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation signed FY-4 Satellite on-orbit delivery certificate;NationalSatelliteMeteorologicalCenter, ChinaXi'an Satellite Control Center, and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation signed FY-4 Satellite on-orbit operation support agreement.

Yu Xinwen, the Deputy Director General of China Meteorological Administration, said that the 19th session of national congress of the communist party of China (CPC) is going to convene, coinciding with the completion of the on-orbit delivery of FY-4, so, it just like a gift for the 19th session of national congress of the communist party of China. The success of FY meteorological satellite represents the latest achievements of our country's independently scientific and technological innovation; FY-4 realizes the multiple great technical breakthroughs, with leading comprehensive technical function in the world. It highlightsChina's great contribution to the international community as a large developing country, and also significantly enhances the international status and influence ofChina's aerospace industry and meteorological undertaking. FY-4 Satellite is also an important milestone in the construction of the meteorological powerful nation, and launches a new journey ofChina's meteorological modernization. In the future, we will promote the sustained and sound development of meteorological satellites; up to 2025, we will launch 11 FY meteorological satellites. We will be fully committed to the development of meteorological satellites.

Wu yanhua, the Deputy Director General of State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence of PRC and China National Space Administration, said that the successful development of FY-4 Satellite was a major achievement of military and civilian integration and a typical practice of collaborative innovation. Next, we will strengthen the application of FY-4 Satellite, expand its application scope and field, and better serve for all industries and fields.

After the delivery of FY-4 ASatellite, the more than 60 types of quantitative products related to cloud, aerosol, radiation, precipitation, sea surface and ground surface parameters, the vertical profile of atmospheric temperature and humidity, and lighting and space environment monitoring, etc. will be successively provided, which is conducive to largely improve the ability of our weather forecast, meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation, tackling climate change, climate resources development, ecological environment monitoring and space weather monitoring and early warning in China, and is widely applied in meteorology, water conservancy, agriculture, forestry, environment, energy, aerospace and Marine and other fields, especially, it will play an important role on serving for national major strategies, such as Chinesestrategy implementation of military and civilian integration and "the Road and Belt" construction.

At present, FY-4 Satellite is brought intoglobal earth observation meteorological satellite by World Meteorological Organization and is expected to have commissioning and service ability at the end of 2017. It will support and guarantee the disaster prevention and mitigation inChinaandAsian-Pacific region and the economic and social development.

FY-4 Satellite Engineering is organized and implemented by State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence of PRC; the carrier rocket and satellite system are mainly developed by the 1st research institute and the 8th research institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation; China Meteorological Administration is responsible for the ground application system, and China Satellite Measurement and Control System Department is responsible for the launching site andmeasurement and control system.