CZ-2C Rocket "one rocket launch three satellites" has successful launch

2017-09-29 | INDUSTRY NEWS    Browsing Times : 4128

 On Sep. 29th, the Xinhua News Agency in Xichang reported that on Sep. 29th, 12:21,CZ-2Csuccessfully launched remote sensing No. 30 01 group satellite in Xichang Satellite Launch Center, the satellite enters pre-selected orbit, and the taskis crowned with complete success.

Remote sensing No. 30 Satellite uses multi-satellite networking model which is mainly used to carry out electromagnetic environment detection and related technology experiments. Since Aug. 21st, the satellite comes into the site, Xichang Satellite Launch Center makes comprehensive review based on organization and management, command and operation, equipment, and test documents, etc., strictly specifies quality inspection, enlarge the products of testing projects, and realize the task object of striving to success and absolute success.

Remote sensing No. 30 01 Group Satellite and CZ-2Care respectively developed by small satellite innovation researchinstituteofChineseAcademyofSciencesand China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, and the detecting and controlling task is commonly completed by ChinaXi'an Satellite Control Center, CSMTC and Beijing Aerospace Command andControlCenter,BeijingAerospaceControlCenter.

According to the introduction of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, CZ-2Crocket is improved and designed on the basis of CZ-2, with a total length of43 metersand take-off weight of 245 tons.

Chenmin kang, Deputy Chief Engineer of CZ-2, said that there is a fierce competition for low-orbit small satellite launches in the space launch area. We suggest making CZ-2Crocket become the rocket with excellent cost performance located in satellite launching market in middle and low orbit, spending three years on implementing CZ-2CV4.0 project, increasing market competition ability of the rocket, and ensuring the leading position of rocket.

The Deputy Minister of Development and Planning Department in 1st research institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Shi Xiaohong said that in the future, we will speed up the completion of commercial version of solid small commercial rocket development, and serve for commercial launch which provides differentiation to the market; ll steadily promote the development of suborbital aircraft and explore and construct the market-oriented commercial earth orbit transportation system.