The UK Launches the Largest Rocket in 46 Years Taking Retread as Fuel

2017-09-15 | INDUSTRY NEWS    Browsing Times : 2497

Local time of Sep. 10th, British largest rocket "Skybolt 2" which takes retread as fuel was successfully launched. This paved the way for UKdevelops three space capsules that take retread as fuel and obtains great leap in the space. According to the British The Daily Telegraph's report in November, in Northumberland at the north ofEngland, "Skybolt 2" launched into the atmosphere on the modified flat truck, and then the rocket separated and landed safely after 30 second or so.

About 50 people in the spot witnessed the whole process of rocket launch and landing.

It is reported that the mission is to test key electronic systems and parachute recovery system to ensure that the rocket safely returns to earth. The founder of "Starchaser Industries"SteveBennettfelt very satisfied with the results, he said the separation is also one of the key points in the test, and it is good that two parachutes open.

"Skybolt 2" is the biggest rocket launched in theUKin 46 years. In 1971, the British "Black Arrow" launched the "Prospero-3" satellite into near-earth orbit, which was the first time thatBritainhas used its own rocket to send a satellite into space. Then, under pressure from the Ministry of Finance, the project had to be abandoned.

 ForBennett's "Starchaser Industries", the successful launch of "Skybolt 2" has positive impact on the company. To achieve the dream of sending humans into space, the former assistant researcher atUniversityofSalfordset up the company. His next plan is to launch a larger rocket "Nova II" within the next 18 months, and the part of fuel is retread.Bennetthopes that "Nova II" will be able to carry the human space capsule and send it into the sky, and these are all based on the success of "Skybolt 2".