China GEO is using earth observation technology to support the covid-19 response and production resumption

2020-05-18 | APPLIED NEWS    Browsing Times : 2202

China GEO highly focuses on applying earth observation in supporting the covid-19 epidemic response and resumption. It launched the call on the activities from government, universities, research institutes and enterprises, in term of space observation, data supporting, information mining and epidemic analysis. At present, more than 15 agencies of China GEO have made positive response, and carried out lots of contributions such as the emergency observing, data sharing, as well as decision support through spatial analysis, risk analysis, and social-economical impact analysis. For example, there were 120 times of observing by more than 30 Chinese satellites have been arranged for monitoring Wuhan City during its 76-days lockdown. These data and knowledge have played important role on the scientific cognitive and decision-making to response COVID-19.

These activities have also been contributed to the GEO Community Response to COVID-19.

Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. has obtained remote sensing images of Wuhan, Los Angeles, London, Paris and other global cities by using Jilin-1 satellite. Comparing with the street view of each city before and after the epidemic, and analyzing the changes of traffic density, it is found that during the epidemic period, the traffic flow of urban arterial road is greatly reduced compared with the past.




Los Angeles, USA


London ,uk


Hyderabad, India

Seoul ,Korea


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