Aerospace lectures by 3Dplus

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 3D PLUS Company, which is a world-leading technical supplier related to high-density and three-dimensional components and chips and wafer level of technology, provides electronic products with high reliability and high performance to meet customer's design demand. 3D PLUS standard products and system level of encapsulation are widely used in all kinds of high-tech industries, and provide solution for the application of embedded systems and board card of industry and computer, national defense and security, aviation, medical treatment, scientific research, and aerospace applications. At the same time, 3D PLUS Company is the only 3D stacking technical supplier approved by European Space Agency (ESA) and Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES) in the world. 

In order to make the company designers better understand the world advanced aerospace components and products, the company invites experts of 3D PLUS Company to make workshop for technology for designers on Mar. 8th, 2017, 13:30; in the workshop, the experts will introduce the latest technology of aerospace components and products and the application cases of foreign aerospace projects to solve related questions. 

The effects reached in this technical communication are as follows: 

1. Introduce the latest achievements of the company at home and abroad, and the latest application cases about aerospace products of foreign space missions.

2. 128G NAND FLASH, RTIMS FLASH products with bad block management and error-correcting function; 

3. Aerospace DDR2 memory, terminal power module and the DDR2 controller IP Core with SEU/SEFI protection capability and RS codec IP Core; 

4. Aerospace multi-channel interface module with multi-stack package LVTH (3.3 V/3.3 V, 3.3V/ 5V, and 1.8v /3.3 V), LVDS and SERDES; 

5. Introduce the latest manual welding and automatic welding assembly process, and the requirement of storage condition; 

6. SOP/BGA packaged heat dissipation and reinforcement measures; 

7. Aerospace 4MP CMOS camera module.