CRANE (INTERPOINT) and Excelpoint Technology Co., Ltd

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 Interpoint brand DC-DC module and EMI filter designed and produced by CRANE Aerospace & Electronics are widely used in the field of commercial aviation, satellite and industry, and product's reliable performance is also verified in harsh environment. Excelpoint Technology Co., Ltd. is leading electronic components distributor in Asia Pacific, which can provide fine components and parts, engineering design, and supply chain management services for electronics makers in Asia, including the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), original design manufacturers (ODM) and electronic manufacturing services providers (EMS). Excelpoint Technology Co., Ltd. and CRANE (INTERPOINT) Company work closely together to create innovative solutions to improve customers' products. The group has research and development centers inSingaporeandChina, and its professional r&d team continuously creates new solutions to help customers improve the cost efficiency and shorten the time to market for products. 

In order to make the company designers access to the latest aviation electronic products, the company invites the experts of Excelpoint Technology Co., Ltd. and CRANE (INTERPOINT) Company to make workshop for technology for designers on April 18th, 2017, 13:30; in the workshop, the experts will introduce the latest power supply design device products and matters needing attention. 

The contents of this technical communication are as follows: 

1. The technical problems of Interpoint products in use: transient voltage/current processing, interference/ripple noise processing, and the application of pins in each function; 

2. The introduction of aerospace products, historical general situation of application, the main parameters of TID and SEE, etc.; selection level: / OO, / HP, / HL, /KP, /KL,/HH, / KH; delivery time and price, etc.; 

3. Product introductions in recent years and current service condition: MFK, MTR50, MWR, MFX series with high power density, high efficiency and high performance;  

4. New product development and release plan: MFP, MWA (MSA +), and 100V bus products packaged by flanges; 

5. It can be used for 42V bus products, performance parameters of inputting 42V, reliability, usage advice and precautions.