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 The Jilin-1SP01/02 Satellites are high-resolution commercial remote-sensing video satellite developed by Chang Guang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. On Oct. 7th, 2015, the 01/02 Satellites successfully launched in Jiuquan Satellite Launch Base. Its current operation is in good condition. Also, it is equipped with the capability of acquiring 4K HD color video images. Compared with traditional earth observation satellite, video satellite can make long-term dynamic real-time monitoring for the target and be able to rapidly change observation area and emphasis based on the conditions on the ground because of its fast maneuverability, and then directly transfer it to users through video image, which obviously shortens the users' response time; therefore, it is better for the quick response of emergency on the ground and real-time monitoring of disasters, etc. It has wide prospect of application on many aspects, such as national defense, and the life of national economy, etc.


The Parameter of Jilin-1SP01/02

Imaging mode

Gaze Video



Orbital type

Sun-Synchronous Orbit

Ground coverage


Maximum side-slip angle 


Revisit cycle

3.3 days

Carrier rocket


Launch site


Track height

650 km