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 On Oct. 7th, 2015, Jilin-1GXA successfully launched in Jiuquan Satellite Launch Base, and it is a home-developed high-resolution commercial remote sensing satellite created by Chang Guang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. Its current operation is in good condition. Jilin-1GXA depending on its characteristics, such as high resolution, many imaging spectrums, short revisit time, and ability of fast maneuver, can be widely used for farming and forestry production, resource administration, environmental monitoring, land planning, geographical mapping, and other fields, with extremely high commercial value.


The Parameters of Jilin-1GXA

Imaging mode

Conventional Push Broom, Large-Angle Side Sway, Strips Mosaic, and Stereo Imaging


Panchromatic ≤ 0.72m,

multispectral ≤ 2.88m

Orbital type

Sun-Synchronous Orbit



Maximum side-slip angle


Revisit cycle

3.3 days

Carrier rocket


Launch site


Track height


Ferrari theme park, ABU dhabi,UAE

Dubai international airport, UAE

Japan - kyushu - JX likes to enter the oil base