Digital -01 Integrated Sun Sensor

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Product description

Digit-01 integrated sun sensor integrates digital sun sensor and 01 sun sensor into one device, which can save weight, volume and resource for whole satellite. The digital sun sensor takes 1024×1024 pixel of area array CMOS as probe, with high accuracy, high radiation resistance, low power dissipation, and long life, etc.


Application area

It plans to be used for CG-1 satellite, and is applicable to carious satellite platforms in middle or low orbit.



The index of main technical performance


a) The main indexes of digital sun sensor

● Effective viewing field       >120°×120°

● Angle measurement accuracy      0.02°

●  Maximum sampling rate       5Hz

● Output data type      barycentric coordinates (solar facula image)


b) Integration 01 the main indexes of sun sensor:

●  Probe sensor          phtocell

● Effective viewing field        0°×60° (single ply)

●  Maximum sampling rate            5Hz      

●  Output data type     01information

● Five probe sensors respectively distribute on the five surface of upper cover in quadrangular frustum pyramid of integrated sun sensor, used for covering and detecting the solar position in hemisphere space.


c) Overall index:

● Operating temperature  -          30℃~+70℃

● Vibration             g (rms)

● Radiation resistance  >          30krad

● Weight             .8kg

● Power consumption            <5W (including DC/DC module)

● Data interface             N trunk

● Power interface            V±1V


Operating principle

Using 01 solar sensor module to make rough location for the sun, the solar vector is measured accurately by using the digital sun sensor. Angle measuring principle of digital sun sensor module is: the sunlight forms a spot on the sensor through a small hole before CMOS; calculate the vector angle of the sun by measuring the light spot on the sensor location. 01 sun sensor reasonably decorates 5 pieces of solar cell inside hemisphere space and sets the detection threshold according to the size of the field angle of the sun charged by each cell, when the sun is in the fieldofbattery piece, the sun sensor outputs "1", when the sun is out of the fieldofbattery piece, the sun sensor outputs "0".


Product formation

It can be classified two modules based on function:

Digital sun sensor module and 01 sun sensor module


Based on structure, it can be classified as:

    Optical system, mechanical structure, detection circuit board, signal processing circuit board, and power circuit board; the optical system is used to limit the light spot pattern and attenuate the energy of the sunlight; mechanical structure is used for overall support; the probe board is used to receive solar facula signal and 01 solar cell signal; the signal processing board is used to calculate the signal generated by the digital and 01 sensors; the power plate is used to supply power for the complete machine.


Mechanical interface