Double-Mode Panchromatic Imaging Load

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Double-mode panchromatic imaging load have both functions: area array gaze and linear arraypush-broomimaging; at the same time, it uses super-high sensitive CMOS chip; in addition to the imaging in the daytime, the load can also make imaging for the city lights at night. It is suitable for 50kg microsatellite flight.


Imaging mode: area array imaging (video) and linear array push-broom;


Ground pixel resolution (sub-satellite point): ≤4.7m(H=656km);


Width (sub-satellite point): ≥9.6km (H=656km);


Spectral region: visible light 500nm~800nm;


Spectrum band: single spectrum band and full color;


Focal length: 1550mm;


Relative aperture: 1/12.7;


Field angle: 0.8°;


Sensor chip: G400 and CMOS chip;


Pixel size: 11μm;


Resolution: 2K×2K;


Total quality: ≤11kg;


Size: ≤Φ200×450mm;


Communicate with machine center: RS422;


Data compression: JPEG2000;


Data storage: solid-state disc, 80GB;


Data transmission interface: SPI or LVDS;


Focusing mechanism: have;


Power supply: +5V (data storage), +12V(CMOS);


Flight experience: "Jilin-1" Smart Verification Satellite.


Acquire image in orbit: lighting at night

 Acquire image in orbit: daytime