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        On June 5, 2019, the company successfully launched Jilin-1GF03A by CZ-11 in the Yellow Sea. Jilin-1GF03A  was a new generation of optical remote sensing satellite independently created by the company. The innovative technologies such as lightweight structure design, highly integrated electronic system, high resolution/ultra-lightweight/low cost camera, etc. were adopted for satellite, and the satellite the characteristics of low cost, low power consumption, low weight and high resolution.


Track type

45°inclined circular orbit

Track height


Satellite point ground pixel resolution

Panchromatic is superior to 1.06m and multispectral is superior to 4.24m.

Imaging bandwidth

Superior to 18.5km

Imaging spectral segment

Full colour: 450nm - 700nm

Blue: 450nm - 510nm

Green: 510nm - 580nm

Red: 630nm - 690nm

Near-infrared: 770nm - 895nm

Data transmission code rate

Maximum 450Mbps

Side sway angle range


Image mode

Push broom imaging, Multi-target push-broom imaging and Space target imaging

Single orbital imaging time

5minThe longest distance is not less than 5min

Uncontrolled accuracy

Superior to 100m (CE90, binary effective region)

On-orbit quality