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        On November 13, 2019, the company successfully launched Jilin-1GF02A in China Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center with KZ-1A. Jilin-1GF02A is a new optical remote sensing satellite independently created by the company. The satellite adopts the long focal length optical dual camera common reference alignment, combined with dual frequency GNSS orbit determination and high-precision dual-satellite sensitive attitude determination technology, and realizes the optimal combination of high-resolution, wide range and high uncontrolled positioning accuracy, with the characteristics of high-resolution,wide width, high positioning accuracy and high-speed data transmission.


Orbital type

Sun-synchronous orbit

Track height



Panchromatic colour : better than 0.75m

Multispectral : better than 3m


Better than 40km

Imaging spectral segment

Full colour :450nm~700nm

Blue :450nm~510nm

Green :510nm~580nm

Red :630nm~690nm

Near-infrared :770nm~895nm

Maximum side-slip angle


Imaging mode

Push broom imaging

Location Accuracy without GCPs

Better than 20m

Monorail imaging time


Data transmission rate

1.8gbps maximum