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      On December 7, 2019, the company successfully launched the Jilin-1GF02B with KZ-1A in Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center of China. The satellite successfully entered the scheduled orbit and the mission was a complete success. Jilin-1GF02B is a new optical remote sensing satellite independently created by the company. The satellite inherits the mature single machine and technical foundation of "Jilin-1" satellite, and has the characteristics of high resolution, wide range, high-speed data transmission, etc.


Orbital type

Sun-synchronous orbit

Track height



Panchromatic colour : better than 0.75m

Multispectral : better than 3m


Better than 40km

Imaging spectral segment

Full colour 450nm700nm

Blue 450nm510nm

Green 510nm580nm

Red 630nm690nm

Near-infrared 770nm895nm

Maximum side-slip angle


Imaging mode

Push broom imaging

Location Accuracy without GCPs

Better than 20m

Monorail imaging time


Data transmission rate

1.8gbps maximum