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Zaha Hadid is an Iraqi-British female architect, the winner of Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004. Her goal is to "break the traditional architecture", has been in practice for building more building ", and has designed many breakthrough works beyond realistic mode of thinking.

So, let's take a look at some of the representative works of this great British female architect today.

Riverside museum

Riverside museumis located in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. It is a new expansion part of Glasgow Traffic Museum. It is mainly used to display Glasgow's heritages of urban transportation, shipbuilding industry and industry.

Saragossa Bridge

Saragossa bridgeacross the Ebro is located in Saragossa, Spain, Saragossa bridge is the only bridge having indoor space requirements of Spain, but also the entrance and exhibition areas of World Expo park of the World Expo 2008.

Wangjing SOHO

Wangjing SOHOis located in the intersection of Wangjing street and Fu Xi Road, Chaoyang District , Beijing.covering an area of 115392 square meters, is the first dramatic high-rise landmark building when you come to the city from the capital airport, so the Wangjing SOHO is known as the " the first impression of building of the capital".

The Galaxy SOHO

The Galaxy SOHOis located in southwestern corner of bridge, Chaoyang Gate, East 2nd Ring Rd, Beijing, with total construction area of more than 330 thousand square meters.The Galaxy SOHO is a large-scale integrated project involving commercial office.

Sheikh Zayed Bridge

Sheikh Zayed Bridge,known as the "most complex structure of the bridge"is located in Abu Dhabi, the bridge has a beautiful arched shape, just like undulating sand dunes.

The Central Building of the BMW Ag

The Central Building of the BMW Ag, located in Leipzig, Germany, acts as a channel in the BMW Integrated Factory, connecting the office center to the production building.

Eastern Gate Design Square

Eastern Gate Design Squareis located in eastern gate of capital of Korea, covering 86574 square metres. The building is one of the landmarks of the capital in Korea, also known as the Non-standard Building

Gaidar Aliyev Culture Center

Gaidar Aliyev Culture Centeris located in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan. Its architectural appearance is just like a flapping ribbon. It has been designed as a praise song of traditional Azerbaijan culture.

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