【"Jilin-1" View The Word】Guangzhou——The Capital City of the Third World

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Guangzhou, one of the most develoed city in China, known as capital city of the third world. Today, let's visit the charming city together with "Jilin-1" .

Zhujiang——Guangzhou, China

The Pearl River, regarded as the second longest river in China, is 2320 kilometers long, and runs from west to East, reaches of the Pearl River in Guangzhou has an exquisite scenery, there are countless characteristic buildings and historical places on both sides.

The University Town——Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou University Townis located in Panyu District, Xinzao town of Guangzhou. The urban area is located on both sides of the Pearl River, with an area of 34.4 square kilometers. Guangzhou University Town is the center for high-level talent training, scientific research and communication, and also known as the "information port" and "intelligence center" in South China.

Transpot——Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou, the largest transport hub of South China, has been basically formed the road network, which regards the urban area as the center, three ring line as tie, connecting the road through more than 98% of the county, city, town of Guangdong province, and roads of neighboring provinces and cities. Traffic facilities and highway construction of Guangzhou city also develop quickly, has initially built the fast-speed traffic network framework in the city.

Guangzhou, China -Changlong Tourism Resort

Changlong Tourism Resortis located at Yingbin Road, Panyu district, Guangzhou, covering an area of 1650 acres. It has 9 subsidiaries such as Changlong Happy World, Changlong International Circus, Changlong Xiangjiang Wildlife World, Changlong Water Park and so on, and nearly 70 recreational facilities.

Guangzhou South Railway Station——Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou South Railway Station,a modern large railway station for passengers, is the largest and busiest high-speed rail station in Southern China. From the satellite map, we can see that the main station house is made of banana leaf shape and has unique characteristics of South of the Five Ridges culture.

Guangdong Olympic Stadium——Guangzhou,China

Guangdong Olympic Stadiumis located in the south of the Olympic Sport Center, with an area of 145 thousand and 600 square meters, can accommodate 80 thousand spectators. The stadium design broke the traditional concept of domestic circular design of the stadium, applying the ribbon shape, novel and romantic.

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport——Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport,a civil airport of about 28 kilometers , is located in South Guangzhou City, it owns 3 runways and 1 terminal. From the satellite map, it can be seen that some of the airport areas is under construction. The long-term plan for the Baiyun Airport is constructing 5 runways and 3 terminals, terminal Nov.2 is 630 thousand square meters. Plan will put into use in early 2018.

Lanhe Town——Guangzhou, China

Lanhe Townis the historic site where revolution ever happened, hometown of Xi Haixing who is an "people's musian", the town covers 74.48 square kilometer, with fertile earth, lots of staggered ribers, and covinient water and land transportation.

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