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Antalya Airport, Turkey

Antalya Airport, located in the northeastern of Antalya, is a large, modern international airport of Antalya, where is Turkey's main tourist destination on the Mediterranean coast.The airport is about 13 kilometers away from the downtown, and has three runways, two international terminals and a domestic terminal, which can service for millions of tourists to visit the Mediterranean beaches each summer.

Ataturk International Airport, Turkey

Ataturk International Airport Turkey is located in Ye?ilkoy, the European part of Istanbul. It is the main airport in Istanbul lying 24 kilometers from the downtown.There are 41 boarding ports, 27 boarding trestle bridges and 7076 fixed parking lots in the airport. In 2010, the airport transported 32 million passengers thus became the 16th largest international airport in the world.

Bursa, Turkey

Bursa, located in the northwestern part of Turkey, is the fourth largest city of Turkey, the capital of the Ottoman Empire, as well as the main city on the Silk Road near the western end.Meanwhile, Bursa is also a city with a developed tourism. Because of the large number of parks and gardens, it has the reputation of "Green Bursa". Among them, the Bursa Zoo, the arboretum and the Uludag Mountain National Park are the most outstanding.

Timsah Arena, Turkey

The Timsah Arena is located in Bursa, Turkey, about 5 kilometers away from the downtown, and can contain 4,331 audience.From the satellite image you can feel interesting overall shapes of the stadium. The roof looks like a green crocodile.Overlooking the sky, you can also see the unique design that the crocodile head extending from one side clearly.

Izmir Sirinyer Hipodromu,Turkey

Izmir Sirinyer Hipodromu is located in theBucadistrict of Izmir, with a total area of 155,440 square meters and 1,281 boxes of stables. It has a beach track of 1756m, a grass track of 1572m, a horse racing room and three irrigation pools with a total capacity of 1100t. Besides, there is also a children's playground and a car park which can contains 1000 cars. Izmir Sirinyer Hipodromuis a large horse racing arena that includes equestrian sports, fitness and leisure.

Zeytin Park, Turkey

Zeytin Park is located in the center of Antalya city, with a total area of 2,630,000 m2. The number of trees is about 25,000.Zeytin Park can absorb 2,600t of dust and 610 m3of carbon dioxide in the air each year, which plays an important role in Antalya's environmental protection. Meanwhile, it is Antalya's best place to stay away from the city and enjoy the nature.

Buttim Park Karting

Buttim Park is located on the motorway from Bursa toYalova, directly opposite the Buttim Trade Center and its karting program is popular all the time.All karting materials and components in the park are provided by the well-known brand SODI.The karting site covers an area of 5,000 m2, of which 2,500 m2is the runway area. The runway has a scale of 13 laps and 400km. Buttim Park Karting is an fantastic arena for the local karting lovers.

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