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The Olympic mascots are based on the Olympic Games to show the unique geographical features, history and culture of the host city, at the same time to convey the Olympic Games concept, but also to create a festive atmosphere for the Olympic Games.

Next, with the "Jilin-1" together, to the previous Olympic Games held place, to know their mascots!

1-Moscow Summer Olympic Games

 Moscow is a city of more than 800 year-old history ancient city, the city across Moscow River and its tributaries Yauza River. The twenty-second Summer Olympic Games was held in Moscow on July 19th1980 to the 3rdof August. The famous Moscow Red Square in satellite images is the only way for the marathon runners in the Olympic Games.

The mascot of the Olympic Games was a Russian bear named Misha. During the Moscow Olympics, Misha was used in hundreds of souvenirs such as plush toys, porcelain, plastic products, glassware, and was also printed as stamps.

2-Korea Seoul Summer Olympic Games

Seoul Olympic Park is located in Fangyi Cave Songpo District of Seoul, a total area of about more than 1. 67 million square meters, is a multifunctional comprehensive park to commemorate South Korea to host Summer Olympic Games of 1988.

During the Olympic Games, the Koreans chose the Oriental Tiger as the mascot of the Seoul Olympic Games, named Hodori. The tiger named "Hodori" was designed as a friendly animal, representing the Korean tradition of hospitality.

3-Spain Barcelona Summer Olympic Games

The twenty-fifth Olympic Games, Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992 held in Barcelona, the Estadio Olímpico Lluís Companys in Catalonia District, the capital of the Spanish region of Barcelona. The stadium was built in 1927 as the main venue for the opening, closing ceremony and track and field events during the Olympic Games.

The mascot of the Olympic Games was a goat like dog, named Cobi, which was the largest and most successful mascot in the history of the Olympic Games.

4-Atlanta Summer Olympic Games

The twenty-sixth Summer Olympic Games was held in Atlanta, Georgia, on July 19th1996 to the 4thof August. It was the 100th anniversary of the modern Olympic Games in 1996. The Olympic Games have achieved a happy reunion of the Olympic family, and all the 197 members are present. The Turner Field, formerly known as Atlanta Fulton County Stadium, the main stadium served as the games, in addition to the opening and closing ceremonies, the most popular track and field games here.

The mascot of the Olympic Games "Izzy" was the first mascot made by computer. It was a fantasy creature. The name came from "What is it", because no one could see what it looked like.

5-Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia

The twenty-seventh Summer Olympic Games was held in Sydney, Australia on September 15th2000 to the 1stof October. The Sydney Olympic Park, which covers an area of 640 hectares, is the venue for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. It is now used as a venue for sports and cultural activities, such as the Easter Carnival in Sydney and the Sydney festival.

The Olympic mascots are Laughing Kookaburra "Olly", Duckmole "Syd" and Anteaters Echidna "Millie", they are three kinds of Australia Specialty animal, which represent Australia''s sky, water and land.

6-Rio Olympics

The thirty-first Summer Olympic Games, also known as the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games, held in Brazil Rio De Janeiro on the 5thof August 2016 to the 21stof August , the Maracana Stadium is the main venue for the Olympic games.

The Olympic Games were inspired by the Brazilian animals and plants and designed two mascots "Vinicius" and "Tom". The mascots are between cartoon and reality, fusion of Brazilian popular culture, but also animation and video game elements, representing the Brazilian animal and plants, reflects the country Samba passion and unrestrained.

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