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According to legend says that in Ming Dynasty, royal family had a kind of game like golf sport called "Chuiwan".Nowadays, modern golf sports have become synonymous with aristocratic movements. It is a sport that takes pleasure in nature, physical exercise and games.

Today, come along with "Jilin-1" together to see our famous golf courses!

Empark Golf Course in Xishuangbanna

Empark Golf Course, located in Jinghong City of Xishuangbanna, designed by renowned American designer Roger Parkard. It, covering an area of more than 1700 acres, is a 27-hole course.

Hailan Lake Golf Resort in Yanji

Hailan Lake Golf resort, located in Hailan river bank of Yanji, covers over 150 square meters. It has two courses of 18 holes, which are Lake Course and Mountain Course. It is the first golf course in Jilin Province, also is the largest golf course in the northeast region so far.

Shenyang Shengjing International Golf Club

Shenyang Shengjing International Golf Club, located inside the century pine forest in the east of Dongling Park in Shenyang, covers an area of 950,000 square meters. It is the only 18-hole international standard forest golf course, and also is China’s northernmost golf course.   

Xili Golf and Country Club

Situated in a scenic Shenzhen suburb, the Xili Golf and Country Club, was officially inaugurated in 1995.It's a luxurious private club with strong atmosphere and atmosphere. It is a 36-hole standard golf course.

Sheshan International Golf Club in Shanghai

Sheshan International Golf Club in Shanghai is located in Sheshan National Tourism Resort in Songjiang District in Shanghai.It, covering an area of 2200 mu, is an 18-hole standard golf course.It is a forest hilly course with facing the water with the hills for a background, which is perfect for environment.  

The Jirun Great Wall Golf Club in Beijing

The Jirun Great Wall Golf Club, located at the foot of the Great Wall of Badaling, Beijing, is 18-hole course. It covers an area about two or three times of the size of ordinary 18-hole course. The Golf course utilizes unique geographical conditions-adjacent the Great Wall. It is named after "the Great Wall" and takes "the Great Wall" as scenery.

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