【“Jilin-1” Views the World】Speedy and Passionate Speedway

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The earliest motor races were held on the intercity highways. Afterwards, the professional racing tracks emerged given many racing drivers died owing to the great danger of road race.

Today, let’s visit the speedy and passionate speedway with “Jilin-1”.


Bahrain International Racking Track

Bahrain International Racking Trackis located at the autodrome. As its most outstanding feature, it is adjacent to desert. Bahrain Racking Track consists of six racking tracks. The length of single circle is 5.417 kilometers. Racing drivers need to travel 57 circles in the race. The total travel is 308.427 kilometers. The maximum upgrade is 3.6%. The maximum down-hill grade is 5.6%. The length of straight path is 1090 meters.

Catalonian Speedway


Catalonian Speedwayis located in Barcelona, Spain and as long as 4.655 kilometers. It consists of several long straight tracks. As one of the most difficult and demanding racing tracks in F1 racing track, it can comprehensively test the performance of motor and is considered the most perfect racking track internationally.


Albert Park Speedway

Albert Park Speedwayis located at Melbourne, Australia and as long as 5.303 kilometers. It consists of many short and straight tracks and 16 slow and medium-speed bends. And it is one of the rare highway racing tracks for formula one racking car of FIA and called the most beautiful racing track in the world.


Circuito Estoril


Circuito Estorilis located at the west coast of Portugal, as long as 4.182 kilometers and as wide as 14 meters. Its longest straight track is 986 meters long. It consists of 4 left bends and 9 right bends. Owing to the long-term warm and dry weather over it, it is one of the main racing tracks for the pre-season test of IRTA.


Fuji Speedway


Fuji Speedwayis located at the foot of Fuji Mountain, Shizuoka, Japan, as long as 4.563 kilometers and as wide as 15-25 meters. It has 16 bends. Owing to its changeable weather around Fuji Mountain, the racing track is called “the most familiar strange racing track” by F1 racing drivers.


Hungaroring Speedway


Hungaroring Speedway is located northeast of Hungaroring, Hungary and as long as 4.381 kilometers. It has 14 bends. Racing drivers need to travel 70 circles. The racing track is described as “Monte Carlo without fencing” owing to its unevenness and complex and changeable bends.


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