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Terrific! My Country!

Unconsciously, it is 2018 and it has been nearly 38 years since the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, the first special economic zone. Speaking of special economic zones, what do you still remember?

Today, let's take a look at the exciting special economic zones with "Jilin-1" Satellite!


Shenzhen, located in Southern Guangdong and East Coast of the Pearl River Delta, is not only the first special economic zone built in China's reform and opening-up, but the window of China's reform and opening-up. The satellite image taken by "Jilin-1" Satellite shows Shenzhen urban district, Shenzhen River and its surrounding areas.


Zhuhai, located in the Southwest of the Pearl River Estuary in Guangdong Province, is a city with the largest ocean area, the most islands and the longest coastline in the Pearl River Delta, and it is known as “Hundred-Island City”. The satellite image taken by "Jilin-1" Satellite shows Zhuhai urban district and its surrounding areas.



Xiamen is located at the Southeast end of Fujian Province. Xiamen Special Economic Zone has the national 5A scenic spot Gulangyu. The satellite image taken by "Jilin-1" Satellite shows Xiamen Island and its surrounding areas.


Sanya, located at the Southernmost end of Hainan Island, is known as "the Oriental Hawaii", and it is subordinate to Hainan Special Economic Zone. The satellite image taken by "Jilin-1" Satellite shows the intersection of Sanya River and Linchun River in Sanya Urban District and its surrounding areas.


Shantou is located in Eastern Guangdong Province. The most important place is Shantou Port, where there is a huge amount of data of materials that are transported every day since Shantou became a special economic zone. The satellite image taken by "Jilin-1" Satellite shows Shantou Bay and its surrounding areas in Shantou City.


Kashgar is located in the West-Frontiers of the motherland and the Southwest of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Kashgar is the sixth special economic zone in China, and it becomes the first special economic zone in inland China. At the same time, Kashgar is also the West Gate of the motherland and it is in charge of international exchanges and communication in the West of the motherland, which has a crucial strategic position. The satellite image taken by "Jilin-1" Satellite shows Kashgar and its surrounding areas.


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