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What? Where is the largest city in every country?

As a geographical illiteracy, I am at a loss and stunningly fucked up......

Let’s learn knowledge together with "Jilin-1" Satellite!


Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Santa Cruz, located on thePiraíRiverside at the Eastern Foot of Cordillera Oriental, is the largest city in Bolivia, where the main industries include food, leather, petroleum refining, furniture, tobacco, etc.

Santa Cruz is one of the most economically active and promising cities in Bolivia, and its beautiful scenery is very strikingly attractive.


St.Paul - Brazil

St.Paul is located in Southeastern Brazil and it is the largest city in Brazil. There are not merely aircraft, automobile, electronics, chemicals, textiles, food, papermaking and other important industries, the outputs of coffee, cotton, sugar cane, citrus and lemon in agriculture are among the highest in the country as well, and it is indeed a city with well-rounded development.

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Buenos Aires, on the Southern bank of La Plata River, is the capital and largest city of Argentina. The main outputs of Buenos Aires include beef, grain, wool, leather, linen and so on. The city has more than 80,000 industrial enterprises, its total industrial output value accounts for 2/3 of Argentina, and it is the largest economic center of Argentina.


Brussels - Belgium

Located on the Seine River, Brussels is the capital and largest city of Belgium, and it is also home to the main administrative body of the European Union. As Brussels is the capital of Europe, its service trade takes up a very large part of its industry.

Here you can not merely visit some famous beer producers such as Cantillon Brewery, but experience the unique style of Brussels!


Toronto - Canada

Located on the Northwest Coast of Lake Ontario, Canada, Toronto is the largest city in Canada and one of the world-renowned international metropolis where cultures meet. Toronto is also one of the world's largest financial centers, and Toronto Stock Exchange, the world's seventh largest exchange, is located in the city as well.

Santiago - Chile

Santiago is situated at the riverside of the Mapocho River and East of the Andes, and it is the capital and largest city of Chile. The city is Chile’s industrial and financial center, contributing 45% of the country's GDP. In recent years, due to Chile’s rapid and powerful economic development, many multinational companies set their regional headquarters in Santiago, including HP, Intel, Coca-Cola, IBM, Ford and so on.


Havana - Cuba

Havana is located on the Almendarez River in Havana Bay, Northwest of Cuba Island, and it is the capital and largest city of Cuba. Meanwhile, it is also the Gateway of Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean, which is strategically important.

As the "Pearl of the Caribbean Sea", there are a great many ancient churches, castles, squares, museums and monuments, which are famous tourist destinations.

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