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Chengdu is the place where the editor has lived for 7 years, and he cannot help but take you to see “The Land of Abundance”.

Chengdu South Railway Station

Chengdu South Railway Station was officially put into operation on December 20, 2014, and it is a "no transit" integrated transport hub that undertakes to transport passengers of Chengdu hub jointly with Chengdu East Station and Chengdu Station.

Chengdu Sports Center

Chengdu Sports Center is located in the bustling commercial and trade center of Chengdu. It covers an area of 140 mu and can accommodate more than 40,000 spectators. The shape of the stadium is like a hibiscus flower in full bloom and its ceiling that can be opened and closed extends like petals, it also looks like the gold ornament of "Golden Sun Bird" from the height, and the modelling of the whole building is novel and magnificent, and it is one of the iconic buildings in Chengdu.

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Shahe Campus of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China taken by "Jilin-1" Satellite is located in Chenghua District, Chengdu City while its Qinghe Campus is situated in Pixian County. The ginkgo trees in the school are part of the scenery. At the end of November every year, the ginkgo trees look like the sea, which is the perfect time to take pictures.

Dingyang District

Qingyang District, formerly known as Xicheng District, is located in the core area of Chengdu. The area has profound historical deposits, it is one of the birthplaces of ancient Shu civilization and poetry culture, has Du Fu's thatched cottage, Jinsha Site, Qingyang Palace, Wenshu Monastery and other most essential historical relics of Chengdu, and it is basically a must-see place for tourists.

Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center

Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center is the landmark architecture and economic and political core area of Chengdu. The nine exhibition halls fan out to ensure that each exhibition hall and each booth has the same good "port".

New Century Global Center

New Century Global Center is a major project of the world modern garden city built by Chengdu's two levels of government with a total construction area of 1.76 million㎡. The main building regards “flowing melody” as the design philosophy and “ocean” as the design theme, and it is the largest monomer building in the world.

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda is located at No. 1375, Waibei Panda Avenue, Chenghua District, Chengdu City, it is 10 kilometers away from the city center, and the base covers an area of 1500 mu. It is well-known for the protection and breeding of giant pandas, lesser pandas and other endemic endangered wild animals in China. If you come to Chengdu, why not look at the national treasure pandas?

Chengdu City Center

Chengdu is characterized by wide roads andwell-organized traffic. The city has also set Shilin, Chengdu East Railway Station, Chengdu Airport, Chengdong, Chengbei, Northern Gate and 20 other passenger transportation centers.

In addition, if you come to Chengdu, you will find that your major task is to taste all sorts of fine foods! There are lot of famous small restaurants in Chengdu, including hot pot, maocai, longchaoshou, tianshuimian, tutou......


A city where you do not want to leave when you've ever come

In this rainy little town,

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