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Nanjing is a beautiful city with profound historical deposits, wonderful natural landscape and cultural landscape, and many beautiful landscapes are surrounded by a strong cultural ambience ......

Nanjing Confucius Temple 

Nanjing Confucius Temple is located in Qinhuai District, Nanjing City, and it is a group of large-scale ancient buildings, covering an area of about 26,300 square meters. It takes Dacheng Temple as the center with its North and South forming an axis and left and right buildings symmetrical, and it has been listed as a city-level cultural relics protection unit.

Gulou District 

Gulou District is the central urban district of Nanjing, bordering on the Yangtze River, and it is an important national scientific and technological innovation center and shipping logistics service center. From the satellite images, you can also feel the magnificent scenery of mountains, water, cities, forests and rivers integrated as a whole.

Jiangning District

Jiangning District is located in the South-central part of Nanjing. As can be seen from the images, the road traffic in Jiangning District is highly developed with its East, West and South facing the main city of Nanjing.

Nanjing Olympic Sports Center 

Located in Hexi New Town, Jianye District, Nanjing Olympic Sports Center covers an area of 897,000 square meters with the building area of 400,000 square meters and the central greening rate of 48%. The sports center is a multi-functional and compound national gymnasium, and the main buildings are "four venues and two centers", including indoor swimming pool, indoor tennis stadium, sports science and technology center and recreational and sports center for entrepreneurship.

Liuhe District 

Located in Northern Nanjing, Liuhe District is a modern industrial base in the East of the country, and it constitutes Jiangbei New District of Nanjing together with Pukou District. The large factory in the district is known as“the Cradle of Chinese Chemical Industry”and it is the earliest chemical base in China.

Nanjing South Railway Station 

Nanjing South Railway Station is located in Yuhuatai District, covering an area of nearly 700,000 square meters. The main station building perfectly reflects the strong regional style and unique noble temperament of Nanjing, the ancient capital of China with the concept of "new ancient capital station" and based on the elements of Chinese classical architecture.

Nanjing Xuanwu Lake Scenic Area 

Situated at the foot of Zijin Mountain, Xuanwu District, Nanjing Xuanwu Lake Scenic Area is known as "Jinling Pearl", and there are Xuanwu Dawn, Beihu Art House, Xuanpu, Ancient Parade Etiquette Tower and many other tourist attractions. Moreover, Xuanwu Lake is also a famous cultural resort, Du Mu, Liu Yuxi, Li Bai, Ouyang Xiu, Wang Anshi, Cao Xueqin and other literati poets have ever been here and left their great poems.

Zhongshan Scenic Area 

Zhongshan Scenic Area is located in Zijin Mountain, Xuanwu District with more than 200 famous historic and cultural sites and 84 scenic spots available for sightseeing. Zhongshan and Houhu Lake depend on and look at each other, forming the topographical advantages of Nanjing.

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