【"Jilin-1" Views the World】Gemstone Necklace on the Indian Ocean

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Speaking of Maldives,

You must think of bright sunshine, white sand beach, limpid water ...

Dreamlike and scenery-pleasant,

It is the yearning tourist resort for a lot of tourists.

Today, follow "Jilin-1" Satellite to enjoy yourselves there ~

Male International Airport

Male International Airport is the only international airport in Maldives and the largest of Maldives' five airports. Located on Hulhule Island in the Northeast of Male Island, the airport is the gateway to Maldives and also plays a vital role in the tourism industry of Maldives.


Male is the capital and trade center of Maldives, and it is one of the smallest capitals in the world with the total area of about 1.5 square kilometers and the total population of about 130,000 persons. The houses in Male are usually built tall and narrow, and if you take a broad view, there are full of road surfaces paved with Holland bricks, the palaces and governments and so on are all two-storey cottages, which are very clean and tidy. The beautiful scenery is suitable for sightseeing and taking pictures.

Adaraan Hudhuran Fushi, Maldives

Adaraan Hudhuran Fushi is located in Northern Male Islands. The biggest feature on the island is the Water Villa. The rooms are equipped with high-end facilities whose luxury is not second to all kinds of five-star high-end islands.

Xinmafu City

Xinmafu City is one of the inhabited islands of Kaafu Atoll, Aaldives Islands with a total population of about 2,000 people. Like other islets, it has a large number of tourist facilities for tourists to use.

Xinmafu City is recognized for its world-famous surfing and diving spots. For travelers who are passionate about surfing, don't miss this islet!


Dhigu's most famous place is Anantara Resort, where you can enjoy your own leisure time.

Since the area is a super small island, tourists basically can go hiking for sightseeing, walking on the beach while watching the scenery of the whole island.

Kuda Finolhu Island

Kuda Finolhu Island is a resort island of Baa Atoll in Western Maldives as well as a gathering place in the holiday resort area. Different types of villas, such as lagoon villas, ocean swimming pool villas, beach villas, beach pool villas, etc . can be rented on the island.

Small islands one after the other,

Related to each other,

Mutually echo to each other,

Like a string of bright gemstone necklace embedded on the India Ocean,

Called "The Last Pure Land of the World",

This is Maldives ~

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