【"Jilin-1" Views the World】Multispectral VS Panchromatic, Which is Your Type?

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When it comes to the words "multispectral" and "panchromatic", the friends who have little contact with the knowledge of remote sensing may not be familiar with them, then let me give a brief introduction of them.

Popularization of science: multispectral image VS panchromatic image

Multispectral image refers to the color images obtained by the RGB colors respectively given by various different bands, and through the acquisition of a plurality of single bands in the radiation of ground objects, there will be the spectral information of multiple bands in the obtained image data.

Panchromatic image is the grayscale image shown on the map due to single band through the uptake of the influence of panchromatic wave band in the radiation of ground objects.

Next, let’s appreciate the multispectral and panchromatic world created by "Jilin-1" Satellite together!

It is the center of Beijing in the map, with a clear view of The Imperial Palace in Beijing. Beijing is the center of Chinese economy and culture as well as a city with a long history, and it condenses the essence of ancient Chinese civilization.

The map shows Guangzhou City, one of the four most prosperous cities in China. In the map, there are ecological parks surrounding the islands and the Pearl River in Guangzhou.

The above map shows the urban area of Shanghai. You can see from the satellite image that Huangpu River flows past and the Oriental Pearl also stands here.

The map above is Shenzhen. The white building is Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, which is a place in Shenzhen for holding important events.

The above map is Shenyang City. The river taken by "Jilin-1" Satellite is Hunhe River, the bridge in the upper part of the map is Hunhe River Bridge and the bridge in the lower part is Sanhao Bridge, which are both the important bridges of Shenyang traffic network.

The map above shows Tianjin, one of China's six super large cities where the Haihe River flows past and Hebei District and Heping District are connected.

It is Wuhan in the above map, one of the busiest cities in the inland area of China where the Yangtze River flows past. There are river-crossing tunnels at the bottom of the river, and Shahu Lake, one of Wuhan's numerous lakes, is also situated here.

It is Yuzhong District, Chongqing City in the map above where Jialing River and the Yangtze River meet, and it is the water traffic route in Chongqing City.

Reference data: Baidu Baike