【"Jilin-1" Views the World】Enjoying in Taipei, Tasting in Tainan, Experiencing in Kaohsiung and Taking a Stroll in Kenting

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Taiwan is small,

Taiwan is also very large,

From the cities to the villages,

From the mountains to the sea,

From the canyons to the lakes and ponds,

Every place has different styles. . .

Fenghuang Mountain


Fenghuang Mountain is located in Nantou County, and the mountains extend to Baishiya Mountain, which act as a barrier. There are Qinlin Mountain and Qilin Pond on the left. Fenghuang Mountain is surrounded by bamboo forests, and is filled with tea gardens. There are misty clouds all day long. It is like a fairyland.

Kaohsiung Harbor


Kaohsiung Harbor is the largest seaport in Taiwan Province. Railways and highways are used as cargo collection and transportation tools, and they are the important protagonists in Kaohsiung’s industrial tourism.


Kaohsiung International Airport


Kaohsiung International Airport is a medium-sized civil airport in Siaogang District, Kaohsiung City. It has a total area of 2.44 square kilometers and is the second largest international airport in Taiwan. It is also the first civilian airport in Taiwan with the airport railways.


Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone


The Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone has been established for 40 years. Today, its industrial structure has undergone four stages of transition and transformation, and it has witnessed the rapid development of Taiwan’s economy.

Siaogang District


The residents of Xiaogang District used to depend on fisheries. After the second port of Kaohsiung Harbor and the Linhai Industrial Zone have been opened up, Sinosteel, CSSC, CPC Corporation and TECLAST have successively set up factories and expanded there,Siaogang District has changed and itsindustrial structure has also changed from agriculture and fishery to industry.


Douliou City


Douliu City is under the jurisdiction of Yunlin County and is a cultural, educational and commercial center in Yunlin. As the saying goes, “Where you walk, you must leave traces”. Although Doulan City does not have as many historic sites as Tainan, there are many places with historical and cultural traces such as Taiping Old Street, Humanities Park, and Xingqi Memorial Hall.


The figure above shows Douliu Industrial Zone, there is 4km away from the Center of Doulan City and it covers a total area of 203 hectares.

In order to meet the rapid changes in the social economy and the ardent demand of the industrial development, the government has fully promoted the development of the Douliu Industrial Zone and gradually transformed Douliu City into an industrial and commercial center.

Enjoy in Taipei

Tasting in Tainan,

Experience in Kaohsiung,

Taking a stroll in Kenting.

Maybe everyone has a romantic and paranoid dream about Taiwan.

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