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In the “National-Level New Districts” of the last phase, the writer has already introduced to you the development status of several national-level new districts.

Under the macro background of economic globalization and rapid urbanization, China’s new district has been continuously evolving with a series of national strategies.

The writer continues this theme today and leads you to experience some of the new districts in China.


1---Jiangbei New Area

Located north of the Yangtze River in Nanjing,Jiangbei New Areais composed of Pukou District, Liuhe District, and Baguazhou Street in Qixia District, accounting for 37% of Nanjing’s urban area. It is the strategic fulcrum of East China to the inland hinterland.

2---Changchun New District

Changchun New Districtis the 17th national level new district, including Chaoyang District, Kuancheng District, Erdao District and Jiutai District in Changchun City and covering Changchun Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone.

Chang Guang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd.is located in the Jilin Provincial Aerospace Information Industry Park in Beihu Science and Technology Development Zone and is the first commercial remote sensing satellite company in China.

3---Yunnan Dian Zhong New Area

Located on the east and west sides of the main urban area of Kunming City,Yunnan Dian Zhong New Areais the core area of the Dian Zhong Industrial NewArea. It is the fourth national-level new area that the State Council has agreed to establish since 2015.

4---Harbin New District

Harbin New Districtincludes Songbei District, Hulan District, and partial region of Pingfang District. The planned area is 493 square kilometers. The location conditions are superior, the science and technology and industry bases are relatively strong, the ecological environment is excellent, and the cooperation history with Russia is long.

5---Changjiu New District

Changjiu New Districtis located on the bank of the Ganjiang River River in the north of Nanchang City and is an important growth pole for the rise of the central region. The new area is mainly based on traffic channels and the Poyang Lake water system, and strives to build the development pattern of “two corridors, one belt and four groups”.


Our motherland has developed rapidly before you know it, and it has gradually grown into an economic power. What are the national-level new districts that you are interested in? Come and share it!


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