【“Jilin-1”Views the World】Hiding in the City and be Elegant

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People probably have heard “Luzhou’s Moon” by Xu Song. Luzhou in the song is Hefei. In the song, Hefei is an elegant place hiding in the city, and it makes people eager for.

Today, let’s see what beautiful scenery Hefei has together with “Jilin-1”.


Hefei South Railway Station

Located in Baohe District of Hefei, Hefei South High-Speed Railway Station form the East China four high-speed railway stations together with Nanjing South Railway Station, Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and Hangzhou East Railway Station, and it is a national comprehensive transportation junction and the biggest high-speed railway station in Anhui.


Luyang District

Located in the north central of Hefei, Luyang District is the economic, cultural and financial center of Anhui. Luyang District has beautiful scenery with Huancheng Park embracing the north of the district and Nanfei River passing through and reflecting each other with the park.


Yuanyi Shuangfeng Lake International Tourism Resort

Yuanyi Shuangfeng Lake International Tourism Resort is located beside Shuangfeng Lake with exquisite scenery. With an area of 5,000mu, it is a high-class tourism resort which integrates golf sport and relaxation.

It is in an excellent geographic position which is “away from dust but not city”. Moreover, it is a natural green oxygen bar and can provide easy and comfortable natural environment to people who come here for sightseeing, and leisure and entertainment. 


University of Science and Technology of China and Hefei University of Technology

University of Science and Technology of China is the only university which participated in the national knowledge innovation project, and it is also a comprehensive national key university which centers on frontier science and knowledge, and has specific management and humanities as well.

Hefei University of Technology now adopts the pattern of “five-campus and one district”. It is a research university with a long history and good reputation at home and abroad, and it is honored as “Huangpu Military Academy” in the automotive field.


Dashu Hill Forest Park

Dashu Hill Forest Park is located in Dashu Hill in the western suburb of Hefei. With an altitude of 284 meters, it is only big mountain in suburbs of Hefei.

The forest park has a dense forest all over the mountain and hundreds of lakes and wetlands. It does not only play an important role to purity environment and keep ecological balance in Hefei, but it is also a treasure of tourism resources in Hefei.


Hefei Industrial Park

Hefei Industrial Park belongs to the provincial Hefei Airport Economic Demonstration Zone. At present, it has an area of 258.57 square meters. It is the first development zone with comprehensive fiscal revenue of over ten billion in Anhui.

The park includes the east and west areas. The east area focuses on industry and has the central industrial park and the south industrial park; and the west area is a business culture area, and has the international business district and international community.


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