【“Jilin-1”Views the World】Paris in the Orient

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It is said that life should have a journey to see the outside world and enjoy different scenery…

Today, let’s have a visit in Harbin which is known as “Paris in the orient” together with “Jilin-1”.

Harbin Engineering University

Harbin Engineering University is the only key university of the “first five-year plan” of China. The school has an area of 1.261 square meters. And the school buildings are combinations of Chinese and Western elements with overhanging eaves and green tiles.


Harbin Institute of Technology

Harbin Institute of Technology is one of the first batch of universities involved in the “211 project” and “985 project”.

In the long history, the school has formed the school motto of “strict standards and excellent performance”, and it enjoys the reputation of “cradle of engineers”.


Harbin Farmlands

Harbin has a wide area, fertile land, rich rainwater and fresh air. It is the most important production base of commodity grain in China and an ideal site to develop the food processing industry and agricultural economy.

Harbin covers an area of 53,100 square meters. Black land in the area is regarded as the most fertile land in China.


Songpu Bridge

Songpu Bridge is the “keel” which connects the north and south of Songhua River. It starts in Nanxun Street of Daowai District in the south bank of Songhua River to Yongsheng Road in the north bank of Songhua River with an overall length of 4.027 kilometers. And it is close to Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology.

Harbin West Railway Station

Harbin West Railway Station was constructed at a time according to the design of “one station and two fields”. It has 18 platforms and 22 lines, and two squares in the east and west respectively. The east square is the center with a parking lot for taxis, a long-distance passenger station and a parking lot for social vehicles so that various transportation modes such as railway and urban railway transportation can be linked up and thus realize the modern comprehensive traffic hub with “no transit” and no barriers.


Central Street

Central Street is a prosperous commercial pedestrian street in Harbin. It is located in the heart area of Harbin. With a length of 1,400 meters, it is a place that must be visited in Harbin.

Besides the street, there are buildings of various styles like renaissance and Baroque. Distinctive architectural culture of Harbin and European style of Harbin can be reflected here, and thus it is called “the first Asian street”.


The Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University is a large scale comprehensive Grade-3 A level hospital which integrates medical care, teaching, scientific research, prevention, fitness and rehabilitation, and a hospital with the biggest coverage in China.


Harbin Taiping International Airport

Harbin Taiping International Airport was constructed and used in 1979. And now, it is one of the three busiest international airports in the northeast of China, and the airport with the most airlines to Russia.


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