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It’s said that all buildings are nothing but a heap of stocks if human beings, as souls, don’t fill them.

Today “Jilin-1” is guiding you to see those places filled with beauty of poetry

The Former Residence of Guo Moruo

Guo Moruo is a famous poet, litterateur, historian, ancient literal scholar and social activist in contemporary times, and his master works are Discovery of Nature, etc.

Located at No. 18, Qianhai Xiyan, Xicheng District, Beijing City, The Former Residence of Guo Moruo is a courtyard-type quadrangle dwelling where Guo Moruo spent his last 15 years in his lifetime. A large quantity of manuscripts, books and other precious cultural relics and data of Guo Moruo are stored in this residence.

The Former Residence of Hugo

Victor ·Hugo is a French romanticist and poet. His process of creation exceeds 60 years, and main collections of poems are Les Orientales, Les Feuilles d'automne, etc.

The Former Residence of Hugo is located at southeast corner on place des Vosges in Paris, France. Hugo lived here from 1832 to 1848 for 16 years. On the 100th birthday of Hugo, this residence was opened as a museum to the public, showing life story of this great writer and poet as well as their impressionism sketches and portraiture.

The Former Residence of Pushkin

Alexander·Sergeevich ·Pushkin is a great poet and founder of modern literature in Russia, he is praised as “father of Russian literature”, “sun or Russian poetry” and “The Bronze Horseman”, and his representative poetic works include Ode to the Sea, If Life Cheats you, etc.

The Former Residence of Pushkin is located at turning of Moyka River, Saint Petersburg in Russia. From September in 1836 to the day he passed away (about four months), Pushkin lived here with his family. The then Russian government organized and rebuilt The Former Residence of Pushkin which then became present former residence museum of Pushkin where furniture and various cultural relics collected by Pushkin. 

The Former Residence of Nietzsche

Friederich ·William · Nietzsche is a famous German poet, composer, ideologist, philosopher and linguist and considered as a pioneer of modern western philosophy, and his poetic works include Life, My Happiness, Men and Women, etc.

The Former Residence of Nietzsche is in Naumburg in Germany. Two years after his father passed away, Nietzsche migrated here with his mother and sister and this was the place where he spent the most time. Now it is opened to the public as a museum where living and working details of Nietzsche are recorded.

The Former Residence of Shakespeare

William· Shakespeare is an outstanding British dramatist and poet with 37 drams and 154 sonnets, and his poetic works include Venus and Adonis, The Rape of Lucrece, etc.

Located in Stratford Town 180km away from London in the west, The Former Residence of Shakespeare is a two-storey building with an attic. This old house in the 16th century is very conspicuous in surrounding architectural complex. Here is where Shakespeare was born and passed away. Now it is created as a memorial hall.


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