【“Jilin-1” Views the World】Journey to City of Fraternity

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Philadelphia is located at the southeast of Pennsylvania in America. The city starts from Delaware River in the east and extends to the west of Schuylkill River. It is a central city in metropolitan district of Delaware river valley and one of the oldest American cities with historical significance, and it’s praised as “city of fraternity”.

Today let’s visit Philadelphia with “Jilin-1”.

University of Pennsylvania

As a global top private research university, University of Pennsylvania was designed and built by Caro and Sterwatson, which blended architectural styles of University of Oxford and University of Cambridge (UK). While some ancient elements of Gothic architectures are reserved, it has innovated and developed a brand-new Gothic campus architectural style.

University of Pennsylvania is one of the eight famous Ivy League schools and one of the fourteen original member schools of Association of American Universities.

Philadelphia Art Museum

Philadelphia Art Museum is located at junction between No. 26 Northwest Street in Philadelphia City Area and Franklin Parkway and it’s called “the third largest art museum throughout the United States”.

As an ancient Greek temple-type building, it has collected over 300,000 artworks, where French impressionism works are the most famous. In addition, many cultural relics from China are collected here such as Wanfo Pavilion caisson from Beijing Zhihua Temple, which was bought by an America in the 1930s and collected here.

Philadelphia International Airport

Philadelphia International Airport is a civil airport and headquarter base of US Airways. 

Flights in the airport mainly fly to cities in America, Canada, Caribbean area, Costa Rica, Europe, Israel and Mexico.


Delaware River

Delaware River is an important river in northeastern America. Total trade volume in this river is only second to the Mississippi River among numerous rivers in America while its imported tonnage takes the first place.

Bells of Freedom

Standing outside independence hall in Philadelphia, Bells of Freedom was molten by famous Whitepel casting factory and migrated to Independence Hall in 1752.

Bells of Freedom is a symbol of Philadelphia and even a symbol of American spirit of freedom, and it’s pride of American people

Philadelphia Naval Shipyard

As one of the six shipyards in America, Philadelphia naval shipyard is the first shipyard in America, which once enjoyed glory in those years.

Many warships prepared for wall were stopped here during World Wall II Period. Up to the 1990s, the shipyard ended its original functions. In 2000, the Philadelphia government took over and started rebuilding this land and created it into an industrial park integrating production, residence and recreation.


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