【“Jilin-1” Views the World】Take A Trip to the World's Famous Mining Areas

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People are consuming more and more energy, among which coal, oil and so on are the main energy sources today.

Maintain lighting, transportation, catering, heating, cooling, automatic management system and other important functions.
Nearly 4,000 minerals have been discovered in the world, the hardest of which is diamond and the smallest is graphite.

Today, "Jilin-1" leads us to explore the world's famous mining areas, to understand their rich history and social contributions.

Australia's SUPER PIT gold mine

Australia's SUPER PIT gold mine is the largest open PIT gold mine in Australia. Since gold was first discovered there in 1893, many small companies have been mining the mine for more than 80 mines with a history of more than 100 years.

Chukamata copper mine

TheChukamatacopper mine, the world's largest open-pit copper mine, is located in the northern Chilean province of antofagasta, one of the driest places in the world. But this land is a treasure in the minds of chileans.

Niger uranium ore

Niger is rich in uranium resources. By 2014, it had proved 300 thousand tons of uranium reserves, accounting for 11% of the world's total reserves, ranking the fifth in the world. Niger has been producing uranium commercially since 1971, producing 7.5 per cent of the world's total in just a few decades.
  Niger has the highest grade uranium ore in Africa, according to the world nuclear association, and its expansion has strong government support.

Anshan mine area

  Anshan mining area is located near anshan iron and steel co., LTD., anshan iron and steel co., LTD. Is a supplier of anshan iron ore with rich resources.
  Anshan mining areas including donganshan, gongchangling and other mining areas, arched around anshan steel. There are special railway lines connecting each mining area.

Baiyun ebo mining area

  Baiyun ebo mining area is under the jurisdiction of baotou city, Inner Mongolia autonomous region. It is located in the north of yinshan mountain and covers an area of 328.64 square kilometers.
  Baiyun ebo, also known as "baiyun bodu" in Mongolian, means "rich sacred mountain". It is the holy land where the Mongolian people live and reproduce for generations and contains over 41% of the world's proven reserves of rare earth minerals and 175 kinds of mineral resources such as iron, niobium, manganese, phosphorus and fluorite.

MacArthur river uranium mine

  The MacArthur river mine, located in Canada, is one of the world's top 10 uranium mines with an annual output of 7356 tons and proven reserves of 241 million pounds.
  Canada currently accounts for 8% of the world's uranium, but it supplies about 16% of the world's uranium.

Cannington silver mine

  The cannington silver mine is Australia's leading and largest silver mine, known for its quality of silver, low impurities and large deposits.
The MEDALS of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and paralympics are made from 13 kilograms of gold, 1.3 tons of silver and 6.9 tons of copper.

  Milner diamond mine

  The mirna giant diamond mine is one of the largest open pit mines in the world. The mine is a giant whirlpool with an entrance diameter of 1,200 meters and a depth of about 525 meters, equivalent to 161 stories.
  It is said that 35 million years ago, an asteroid hit here, forming a crater, and it turned out to contain trillions of carats of diamonds, twice as hard as normal gemstones, 600 meters deep and capable of digging for 3,000 years.

  The abundant mineral resources on the earth provide us with a continuous energy supply, but at the same time, it also brings problems such as excessive exploitation of resources. While using natural resources, we should respect resources and develop them rationally.

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