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World Cup is one of the matches attracting the most attention this year

12 venues in 11 cities can’t be belittled

Today, let’s take a tour of them with “Jilin-1”


Saint Petersburg Stadium

As the northernmost one in 12 venues of 2018 World Cup, Saint Petersburg is located at source of Gulf of Finland in Baltic Sea on the bank of the Neva River.

Saint Petersburg Stadium is equipped with extension-type roof and sliding pitch, and the temperature in the stadium is 15 degrees Celsius even if in winter. During World Cup Russia, Saint Petersburg will hold four group matches, one 1/8 final, one semi-finals and two matches for third and fourth places each.


Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

Located in the northwest of Nizhny Novgorod in Russia, Nizhny Novgorod Stadium is a newly built stadium for this World Cup.

This stadium can contain 45,000 spectators. During World Cup Russia, Nizhny Novgorod Stadium will hold four group matches, one 1/4 final and one 1/4 final.


Volgograd Central Stadium

Volgograd Stadium is located in the east of Volgograd of Russia. The whole stadium has a net shape, which not only improves its sturdiness but also keeps its uniqueness.

Spectators stand of Volgograd Stadium is divided into two storeys with 45,000 seats. Four group matches will be held here in World Cup Russia.


Moldova Arena

Moldova Arena is a professional football pitch located in Saransk of Russia. It’s an oval pitch with main color being orange.

Moldova Arena will hold four group matches in this World Cup, the spectators stand can contain 45,000 spectators, and its design mode makes it possible for football fans to clearly see whatever happens on the football pitch.


Yekaterinburg Central Stadium

In the pitch of 2018 World Cup Russia, Yekaterinburg Central Stadium is the most special.

Failing to satisfy the requirement of FIFA about at least 35,000 spectators contained by a large-scale international football match,a temporary stand is built outside Yekaterinburg Central Stadium. After the final renovation and expansion are completed, over 35,000 spectators are successfully contained to watch the match.


Samara Arena

Samara Arena is built on on island in the south of Samara. From an outside view, Samara Arena is just like a glass dome which is splendid under irradiation of night lamps.

In 2018 World Cup Russia, Samara Stadium will hold four group matches, one 1/4 final and one 1/8 final.


Kaliningrad Stadium

Located in the southeast of Kaliningrad in Russia, Kaliningrad Stadium is the only World Cup venue beyond main Russian territory.

Kaliningrad Stadium is a newly built stadium in this World Cup and it can contain 35,000 spectators. During World Cup Russia, Kaliningrad Stadium will hold four group matches.


Fisht Olympic Stadium

Located in Sochi Olympic Park Center, Fisht Olympic Stadium is named after nearby Fisht snow mountain.

Fisht Stadium can contain 48,000 spectators. During World Cup Russia, Fisht Stadium will hold four group matches, one 1/8 final and one 1/4 final.


Kazan Arena

Kazan Arena is located in Kazan. This stadium is of unique appearance design, and it realizes seamless blending of stadium appearance and local characteristic scenery and culture in Kazan.

Overseeing the whole stadium from the high altitude, Kazan Arena is just like a water lily sunk in sleep and silently standing at riverside. During World Cup Russia, Kazan Stadium will undertake four group matches, one last-16 tie and one 1/4 final.

Spartak Stadium

Spartak Stadium is located in Moscow. Overall structure of the stadium is steel structure just like a sunlight room. This kind of design concept will never drop behind dozens of years later.

During World Cup Russia, Spartak Stadium will hold four group matches and one last-16 tie.


Luzhniki Stadium

Luzhniki Stadium located at Moscow riverside is the main venue of this World Cup.

Both opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia and the final will be held here. “Luzhniki” means lawn, where has witnessed historical moments of many international sports circles.


Don Riverside Rostov Stadium 

Don Riverside Rostov Stadium is at left bank of Don River, and its design is in harmony with local landscapes.

The northern spectators stand in the stadium is huge and wide. With well-spaced proper distribution, the stand can contain 45,000 spectators. During World Cup Russia, it will hold four group matches and one 1/8 final.

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