【"Jilin-1" View The Word】Visiting the Olympic Museum home court again

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The architectural achievements of the former Olympic venues are all brilliant in the history of modern architecture. With its unique charm, sports buildings attract a large number of famous architectural masters who are active in the front of the international architectural stage.

"Jilin-1" has brought you a taste of some of the Olympic Stadium charm, isn''t it enough to see? Let''s have another view today.

1-Montreal Olympic Stadium


The Montreal Olympic Stadium in Quebec is the main venue of the 1976 Summer Olympic Games, which can accommodate 56.04 thousand people and was a major league baseball team, the Montreal expos home court.

From satellite imagery to the Montreal Olympic stadium, it''s like a giant sail in the east of Montreal. The white stadium is oddly shaped, and its Leaning Tower is the world''s tallest slanted man-made structure, up to 175 meters high, higher than the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C.

2-Tokyo Stadium

The stadium is located in Shibuya District Tokyo Japan, is the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Gymnastics Stadium, 2020 Summer Olympics table tennis match will be held here.

The Tokyo gymnasium is the first giant egg court in Japan. The egg-shaped roof is a flexible film, which normally controls the pressure inside the giant egg to be 0.3 percent higher than the giant egg to maintain the outer shape of the egg.

3 -Los Angeles Memorial Stadium Arena

Los Angeles Memorial Stadium is a large outdoor stadium located in the University Park in California, Los Angeles, USA. It held the 1932 and 1984 Olympic Games.

Arena in the middle of the field is a piece of green grass, both ends is the beige ground of quietly elegant, in addition, the stadium runway and stands between relatively shallow design, so set the distance to the goal of spectators and players are more relative to its American football field.

4-Melbourne Cricket Ground

Melbourne cricket court is one of the largest and most competitive sports venues in Australia. It was the venue for the opening ceremony and closing ceremony of the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games.

Melbourne cricket court is a modern large stadium with four stands, 173.6 meters long and 148.3 meters wide, with a total area of 7.262 hectares. Even if all the spectators at the Sydney cricket stadium were here, they could only stand in a grandstand. There are six lighthouses on the cricket court, each of which has 245 steps to the top of the tower. There are 142 lights. When the lights are all opened, even in the late night, the field is as bright as daylight.

5-Helsinki Olympic Stadium

Helsinki Olympic stadium was founded in 1938, has hosted the 1952 summer Olympic Games, the first track and field world championships in 1983 and two European championships, which can accommodate 40 thousand spectators.

The stadium has a distinctive national architectural style and is the largest modern stadium in Finland. The stadium has a soccer field, a 400 meter track and other track and field facilities. The elongated shape of the stadium, the main stand is arranged on the upper part of the roof, built in various service rooms, exercise room, for athletes to practice with the 70 meter long runway, and conference hall, cinema hall and small restaurant etc. The stadium also contains two large lighting cards to report the results of the competition.

6-Rome Olympic Stadium

Rome Olympic stadium is located in Italy Rome Beijiao, is the main stadium of Rome, which is also the Serie A club Rome and Lazio home court stadium hosted the 1960 Summer Olympics and the 1990 World Cup finals.

The stadium can accommodate 105 thousand spectators, including 80 thousand seats and 25 thousand stations. After the 1990 World Cup finals, the stadium was rebuilt, adding an oval, translucent ceiling.

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