In the operation pattern, the company mainly provides satellite remote sensing data and application service, and provides satellite, photoelectric instrument, and satellite-bone components and products complementally. According to the characteristics of information product, the company takes full advantage of network technique to provide the reservation, distribution and online development service of remote-sensing image through network platform in the company, and provides data collection, analysis and one-stop solution based on domestic consumers, major customers and other users at different levels. Meanwhile, the company has wide cooperation with related units in the industry and regards public application and public development as principle to attract nationwide excellent teams and individuals to make development and innovation together, continuously enriching the types and service scope of remote sensing products.


Service strategy: innovation, shortcut, openness, and integration


Innovation: enrich products and service in an innovative manner. The starting point is to meet users' information requirements, forming optimization and overall planning of full-service chain through four-level collaborative innovations: technical innovation, product innovation, application innovation, and model innovation to improve the timeliness, diversity and accuracy of information.

Shortcut: obtain image and provide information rapidly. Increase satellite data for intelligent processing in orbit, inter-satellite communication and transmission, and corollary equipment on the ground mobile and portable receiving station through enhancing the satellite's ability to get image and expanding the channels and ways of data transmission; decrease response time from the data acquisition to users' information acquisition, truly improving the timeliness of remote sensing data.

Openness: it is free for the public and deeply open for cooperative partners. Promote the application of remote sensing data through freely serving the public to make more people take part in service development based on remote sensing data application, finally forming diversified products and service industries about remote sensing application.

Integration: integrate the ways to acquire information and information service. Conduct deep integration and application of multi-source information based on space image information and combined space video information, navigation information, AIS information, UAV image, and ground survey information, etc., providing users with multidimensional service and guidance.