The company's products cover full-industry chain from satellite design to data services. Many products in industry chain have stronger market competitiveness, such as remote sensing satellite, photoelectric instrument, satellite-borne key components, satellite automatic test equipment, ground decoding and decompressing equipment, data service platform and terminal, and various remote-sensing image and information, etc.

Image and information products: sub-meter static image, sub-meter dynamic video, and various remote sensing data products; it is based on the regional ecology and analysis on environmental change of remote sensing data, locally dynamic monitor and analysis, application and value evaluation of spatial large data of whole industry, analysis on financial and insurance investment decision, and other information services, etc.

Hardware products: optical remote satellite (push-broom Satellite, Video Satellite, Noctilucent Satellite), photoelectric device (space camera, star sensor, and sun sensor), satellite-borne key components (reaction wheel, magnetic torque, control moment gyroscope, and large-capacity solid state storage), satellite, optical camera, and other automated test devices, etc.


Software products: remote sensing data service platform, remote sensing data processing system, "Jilin-1" Satellite Globe, various PC and applications of mobile terminals.