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Spain is an enthusiastic and ebullient country, where there are very interesting local customs and practices, ancient buildings with a sense of history, as well as a modern metropolis. In a word, different people can feel different charm here.
I like art. Here are the pioneers of European music, opera, dance, film, painting, architecture and design.
Like sports, real Madrid and atletico Madrid do not need to say much;
Looking for good food, paella, grilled sea bream, Madrid broth

Today, "Jilin-1" takes us into Spain to learn about this fascinating country with a long and modern history.

Juan carlos I park, golf course

Juan carlos I park is the largest and most dramatic park built in Spain in the 1990s. It is located in a new city dominated by an exhibition center on the northeast side of Madrid. Before the park was built, there were many olive trees over 100 years old.
This golf course on the north side of Juan carlos I park is very famous in Madrid. The picture taken by "Jilin-1" clearly shows the whole course, with professional planning and high-end lawn. The picture may have been taken just as someone was swinging into a hole, enjoying the idleness and freedom of Madrid.

Almud cemetery

Almud cemetery is a large cemetery in Madrid, and many famous buildings in Madrid reflect each other, forming a historical cultural atmosphere.
As can be seen in the picture taken by "Jilin-1", the landscape of the cemetery is shaped like a solemn flower, opening quietly and expressing the sorrow of many people.


Located about 13 kilometers north of Madrid, alcvindas has a central city, residential areas, nature reserves and a light industrial park, as well as a large commercial park. The basketball museum and the basketball hall of fame organized by the pedro ferlandis foundation are also located here.

Barajas airport in Madrid

Atauf suarez Madrid barajas airport, located 12 kilometers northeast of downtown Madrid, was officially opened in 1931 and is Madrid's main international airport. The airport is Spain's largest domestic entry and exit route and a hub for European shipping.
Madrid's barajas airport has four terminals, and the satellite image shows t1-t3. From the picture, the appearance of the terminal building is very characteristic. The undulating roof looks like rows of wings, magnificent and romantic.

Rail infrastructure

In April 1992, Spain opened a high-speed railway from Madrid to seville on the eve of the Barcelona Olympic Games, catching up with the development of high-speed transportation in the world.
The satellite image of "Jilin-1" shows that Spain's railway network is very developed, running between cities from north to south.

Spain is a passionate and ebullient country, and our first understanding of it is brave bullfighting and passionate dancing. Today, from the perspective of "jilin no. 1", we have seen a more comprehensive and three-dimensional Spain and its history, culture and transportation hub, which makes us love Spain more and yearn for the field experience of this enthusiastic land.