【“Jilin-1” Views the World】"Jilin-1" Calls You to be "Island Owner"

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On July 4, 2018, hainan province ocean and fishery hall announced the development and utilization of the measures for the examination and approval of the islands with no residents of hainan province, clear unit or individual to apply for the development and utilization of islands with no residents, should apply to the Marine administrative department at the provincial level, and submit the application for the development and utilization of the islands with no residents, specific plan and project appraisal report. In other words, individuals can apply to develop uninhabited islands!
The measures specify that the maximum term of development and utilization of uninhabited islands shall be implemented with reference to relevant provisions on the right to use the sea:
Aquaculture island for 15 years;
Island for tourism and entertainment 25 years;
Salt industry, mining island 30 years;
Forty years for public service;
The port, shipyard and other construction projects used for 50 years.

This issue "Jilin-1" takes us to have a look, hainan province has several representative beautiful islands, these islands are waiting for a seat, waiting for the development of the new "island owner".

Yezhi  island

Located in paixi village, lingshui coconut island, lingshui town, hainan province, the exit of lingshui river is surrounded by lingshui river around coconut island. Coconut island is surrounded by green water, only 5 kilometers from the county, the total area of about 1 square kilometers.
In the photo, coconut island is like a green leaf embedded in the middle of the sea. This "leaf" is about to be developed by its "owner" to play its greater value.

Sanya city east island, west island

Sanya city dongzhou island, xizhou island, under the administration of sanya city, located in the southernmost hainan yalong bay national tourism resort, yalong bay is the eastern suburbs of sanya city, a high-quality tropical coastal scenic area, about 10 kilometers from the downtown area.
From the "Jilin-1" shot in the gao qing map, we see that although the island is relatively small, but the shape is like a heart, as if to tell a love story.

Niuqi island

Niuqi island in sanya covers an area of 1.48 square kilometers. It is one of the few islands around hainan island with freshwater resources and abundant vegetation. The sea water around the island is unpolluted. It is a natural fishing ground, rich in various kinds of seafood. With its fine white sand, tropical fish and intact coral reefs, it is the best diving area in sanya.
Seen from the picture, niuqi island is like a piece of green jade inlaid in the sea water. The contour drawn by the white beach makes this jade more brilliant.

Shendao  island

Shendao island is located in liudao bay, southeast of sanya city.
The waters around the island are clear, with reefs and colorful corals at the bottom of the sea. When it comes to the breeding season, the sea is full of transparent white jellyfish.


Wenchang city is also known as fengjiawan, located in the town of wenchang hui-wen fengjiawan waterfront, 30 kilometers away from wencheng town, is a 50-meter high hill.
Here three faces sea, more than 200 meters long stone beach into a semicircle. The rocks on the beach are distinctive, big as houses, small as punches, with clear water flowing in the gaps between them.

From the perspective of "Jilin-1", we know about these islands to be developed, which are rich in natural resources, beautiful island landscape and infinite development space in the future.
The policy of "individuals can apply for the development of uninhabited islands" issued by hainan province can excavate the value of the islands and create new economic hot spots after multiple development to drive the economic growth of the whole surrounding area.